Blond Babbling 

Happy Monday loves!! Today absolutely feels like a Monday. My brain has been so scattered this morning and that got me thinking about today’s post! Over the last couple months I have been writing down (when I remember) any time I have a “blond moment”. I hope you enjoy a couple of my not so bright moments J On a side note: I get my first Blue Apron box this week and could NOT be more excited! I will be doing a whole post on my experience and what I think about it!! Now on to the post!

– While walking around an Aircraft Carrier in NY… “An Air Craft Carrier… It carry’s air crafts! I get it!” Yes… yes it does Kaitlyn. It all makes sense now!

– Handed nick my phone to read a post of mind and not even 2 minutes later… “ Where is my phone? Do you think I left it in the car?! This happens way more than I would like to admit.

– Holding a menu for the local pizza place and decided to order so what do I do? Search Google for the number. I also could have just looked down at the menu I was holding which had the number on it in large bold print… Genius!

– My sister and I were talking about the spelling of names and after some thinking looked at my her (who’s name is Krysten) and said “ Wait, is your name Christine?? For some reason it made sense that with how her name was spelled it should be pronounced like Christine and we’ve just had it wrong for the last 17 years… ( I still don’t understand how my brain thought this)

– My friend and I had been talking for MONTHS about the movie Friends With Benefits. She could not believe I had never seen it (its one of her favorites) and neither could I! She finally brings it over and half way through I realize… “Wait! I have seen this!!” It only took me half the movie and months of talking about it…

I can honestly say this is not even HALF of what usually goes on in my brain. These are just the ones I actually remember to write down! Please tell me you guys have had some moments like this! I hope you all are having an amazing Monday!



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