Valentine’s Date Ideas

With Valentines day right around the corner I know it’s on many peoples minds. Growing up I always loved Valentines day! It was such a fun time with class mates, we would all make mailboxes that week in class and then bring in valentines to deliver to everyone. I remember going to the store with my mom and picking out cute themed ones and filling them all out. We would connect candy to them and it was such a fun day at school passing them all out! As I got older I never felt any pressure (single or in a relationship) that valentines was this big huge deal. I am totally like my mom in the sense that I love celebrating anything and everything! I hear a lot of people say that its just a made up holiday and while I agree I say why not celebrate! I thought I would share some fun ideas for whatever your heart desires…staying in, going out or getting active, I’ve got you covered! I’m interested to hear what you think about Valentine’s Day and what some of your favorite things to do are!

1: A night out on the town! Nick and I sometimes venture out to dinner on this holiday and either we go out that night or a night before or after to beat the crowds. Even if it’s just for some drinks together!


2: A night in! Grab out the blankets and make a cozy spot on the floor. Make dinner and dessert together and then relax and watch a movie or play a game! It’s no stress, affordable and just special time together!


3: An active day date! Pack a lunch and go on a beautiful hike! Such a fun way to switch it up!


4: Take a small trip! Sometimes you luck out and get a day off work right around Valentine’s Day weekend. Make the most of that time and get away together! Make sure to look on Groupon for great and affordable deals around you!


5: Galentine’s day! Grab some of your best girlfriends and do any of the above! Valentine’s Day is for everyone!


Happy Wednesday!


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