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Fitness Friday #15: My Week In Meals!

This week I was actually going to be talking about all the workouts I had done. I started out so strong this week and was killing it with getting those workouts in! Sadly, Wednesday I woke up feeling just awful and have been sick since. Nick had just been sick so not surisingly I picked up what he put down! Either way, I’m going with the flow and instead show you what I ate! I kept my diet on point this week, especially with being sick and not being able to workout the last two days. This week some of my dinners were stepped up a bit because of Blue Apron! I tried this service for the first time this week and will have a review of the whole service coming soon! I’m back at work today and already can’t ย wait for this day to be over! I’m hoping this weekend will be filled with lots of relaxation and fun little dates ๐Ÿ™‚ I have Monday off next week as well, which is also making me excited for a long weekend! Now lets get into it!


Breakfast: (2) Kodiak Potein Pancakes, 3 Egg Whites, 1/4 Avocado and somtimes a meat (1 piece low sodium bacon or sausage). For the most part I have the same breakfast every day during the week. I love it, and prep the pancakes and meat on Sunday night to help out during the week.

Snack: Cottage Cheese With a Little Diced Onion

Lunch: Turkey Sandwich on Whole Wheat Bread

Snack: Rice Cake Topped With PB2

Dinner: Texmex Style Chicken on Salad


Breakfast: Same as Monday

Snack: Same as Monday

Lunch: Leftover Chicken over Brown Rice

Snack: Avocado Toast With Tomato

Dinner: Chinese Chicken Salad


Breakfast: Same as Monday

Snack: Same as Monday

Lunch: Tuna Sandwich on Whole Wheat

Snack: Turkey Slices with 1/4 Avocado

Dinner: Beet Linguine from Blue Apron

Thursday (Sick Day):

Breakfast: Same as Monday

Snack: Skipped Since Breakfast Was Later Than Normal

Lunch: Turkey Sanchwich with a Fried Egg & 1/4 Avocado

Snack: Skipped…Meal Times Were Off Today!

Dinner: Broccolini & Goat Cheese Polenta

These meals were amazing this week and my body feels great (besides the whole sick thing). Sometimes when I’m sick it’s so easy to eat poorly and I’m glad I stayed on track! I hope you all had a great week and have an amazing weekend! What is something you ate this week that you loved? ย Happy Friday!


21 thoughts on “Fitness Friday #15: My Week In Meals!

    1. Thank you!!!! It’s definitely different. I had never heard of it either but my boyfriend always eats it that way and I love it now! Side note though: don’t add way to much onion… I’ve made that mistake!! Hahaha. I am on the mend I think!! Definitely gonna take advantage of the weekend!:)

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  1. Your food looks delicious! I have never thought about eating cottage cheese with onion before, I love both so, I think I may try it sometime, I usually pair it with fruit. Have you shared your recipe of your Chinese Chicken Salad before? Maybe i’m thinking of someone else, if not…please share sometime, i’d love to know!

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    1. Thank you!!! So happy you liked them! Cottage cheese with the onion is definitely interesting but so so yummy!! I haven’t shared that salad before but I definitely will be sharing some recipes soon!!


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