My Blue Apron Experience! 

Hello Loves! Today I’m so excited because last week Nick and I tried out Blue Apron for the first time and today I get to share our experience! I had heard of Blue Apron before on YouTube channels I watch and podcasts I listen to. It always sounded so interesting and in the videos I had seen, looked so yummy! My friend Allison let me know that she had found it on Groupon and that they were having a discount on it so I signed up immediately! Blue Apron is a food service that creates meals for you and ships all the ingredients to you in a refrigerated box right to your door. Signing up was quick and easy and my box came the next week! I got to pick what day I wanted my delivery and how many meals I wanted. Nick and I picked the three meals for two people. They also provide meals for a family of four! When you sign up for your meals they ask you about any health preferences you may have (vegetarian, gluten free, ext.). The only thing Nick and I “unchecked” that we didn’t want was fish because Nick isn’t the biggest fan. If you do eat meat, they let you know that you will be receiving a mix of both meals with meat and vegetarian.Last week when our box arrived, I immediately noticed how well packaged and labeled everything was. I will be honest when I say, I was a little nervous about our meals! We ended up getting fully vegetarian meals and most of the things I had never tried before. Our meals were Fresh Beet Linguini, Broccolini & Goat Cheese Polenta and Shiitake Mushroom & Cabbage Dumplings.  


After trying all the meals I was absolutely impressed with how great everything was. I think Blue Apron is an amazing way to try new foods and new recipes that you might not otherwise try. Another amazing part was that it takes away all the guessing on what you want for dinner that week and whether or not you have all the ingredients needed. I found clean up was easy as well because since they are providing the ingredients and only give you as much as you need, no leftovers to take care of! I believe this service is amazing for anyone who may not have time to get meals planned for the week and wants to stop eating out and get meals that are easy delivered. Or for someone who simply just wants new and exciting meals to try! Nick and I will probably not be continuing our service only for the fact that we like to keep a budget on our groceries every week and really watch what we are eating and don’t want to spend the extra on getting that at this time. I also wanted to mention that Blue Apron has an app and it really is amazing. They automatically set you up for regular meals every week and if you want to skip a meal you simply go to that week and hit “skip”. So simple and so easy! They also make it clear when they will charge you so you know when you have till to decide if you want to skip or not. It also makes it nice for Nick and I who aren’t sure if we want to do it regularly or not because we can keep it but cancel if we want! The only con about this experience (and it’s a small one) was the portions are for two people and two people only. No leftovers and no extra. Some of the meals were not as filling as you may want so it left you feeling a bit hungry after in exception of the Goat Cheese Polenta which was very filling and we couldn’t finish it! This also changes I’m sure with the different meals that you get. 


I would love to hear if you have tried Blue Apron or any service like this! One thing I noticed was since I was trying so many new things I have many more ideas for meals I can make now! Have a wonderful day! 


13 thoughts on “My Blue Apron Experience! 

  1. In the past two weeks I have heard so much about Blue Apron! I’m wondering if several people got Groupons for them and maybe that’s why so many people are trying it and reviewing it now. Anyway, it sounds like such a cool service! Especially for people who just don’t have time to grocery shop or who want to try new foods! We eat a lot of leftovers at our house so that part of it would be difficult for us (I like to cook once for two meals 😉 ). But it does sound like a really neat service!

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    1. I have actually been noticing the same thing lately! Along with similar services!! It was super great but I’m like you and love having leftovers for lunch the next day too!!


  2. Blue Apron is constantly coming through my Facebook newsfeed. Lots of other companies like it. I have been really curious about it, but it seems really pricey for convenience. But it would still be fin to try :)Thanks for the low down 😉

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