Fitness Friday #16: The 411 On Running!

Running is absolutely my most and least favorite workout. At some point in my run I love it, then at another point I hate it and just want it to be over! I believe I’ve mentioned on here before, but the first time I ever really ran a mile without stopping was because in a YouTube video I was watching they said “If you had to run a mile to get the last box of cereal ever…could you?”. Obviously a funny way to put it but it made me literally stop the video and think… IDK! Could I?! That night I went to the gym with my mom and ran a mile. A very slow, slow mile. Even so, I was so proud! I went back time and time again and each time would up my running even if only by .25. I eventually made it up to 3 miles and couldn’t believe it! We had a treadmill at home and I would wake up before work and run on it because I just loved it so much. It was empowering! That was around 5 years ago.

Running is ever changing for me. When I first started running it was all about distance. I just wanted to see how far I could go before I thought I was going to die. Even though I still weirdly love that, the satisfaction of seeing a high mile count, I love working on my time. I was never the 6 minute mile person in middle school or high school. When I first started running my mile times were around 12-13 minutes. I could never imagine getting a 10 minute mile, but at the same time wasn’t always trying to and didn’t even know how to try to. Last year I changed that and started pushing myself to go faster on my runs. I now run at a pretty consistent 9 minute mile and my fastest mile has been 7:35. One thing running has taught me, and the thing I love most is it’s a completely solo sport. Of course you can run with someone but its all about you. You are pushing your body and competing with yourself. You don’t have to compete with anyone else and that’s so refreshing. I know there are TONS of girls and guys out there (my boyfriend included) who naturally run a 9 minute pace and that’s slow for them. But who cares! Its not about that! I was the one who went from 13 down to 9 and that’s enough for me! Set a personal goal and achieve it! You don’t have to be ashamed if your not the same as the person next to you. I thought I would include a couple tips that have helped me with running.

1. Find a running schedule or make one yourself. Something to map out the days you will be running and how much you will be increasing your runs each time to push yourself a little harder.

2. Get a running app. I use the Nike Running app and it tracks all my runs. You can see how fast you’re going, compare your miles and see how each mile went so you can see if you got faster or slower. You can also link up with friends and make challenges. I got a coworker to start going walking/running and she loved going because she wanted to beat my miles and show me at work. It was something fun to get her motivated!

3. Make realistic goals. Cutting even 5 seconds off your mile time is impressive. Be proud of any way you push yourself.

4. Your mind will give up before your legs do. If you think you need to stop, pick a landmark in the distance (or a time on the treadmill) and get to at least that. You just showed yourself you didn’t need to stop RIGHT when you thought you did. You can always go a little further!


5. This seems obvious but get something fun to listen to and always switch it up! Sometimes I listen to music and sometimes I listen to podcasts. There is nothing better than when you get in the groove with something your listening to and forget your even running!

Even if running seems intimidating, I say give it a try! It’s such an amazing full body workout and can be so fulfilling! Overall just have fun with it! Nothing’s better than finding a workout you truly love. I want to hear what you guys do to stay active and what you feel about running! I know it can definitely be a love it or hate it type of deal! Happy Friday!



12 thoughts on “Fitness Friday #16: The 411 On Running!

  1. I love running too. Besides Body Combat workout, running helped me maintained my weight. How I wish I still can. Unfortunately, my knee gave up on me. Yikes! 😦

    Anyway, thanks for following my blog. It’s very much appreciated. I’m following back, so I can explore your blog and read your future posts. Have a great weekend. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! That is my main concern sometimes with running! My knees! My dad hurt his knee as well and it took him a long time to get better and he still can’t run. Thank you for following!! Can’t wait to see future posts of yours:) Hope you have a great weekend as well!!

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  2. I try and try and try to like running, and I just don’t haha. I wish I did though! I always envy people who love to run, I often picture myself running and loving it, until I actually do it. I usually stick to either the elliptical or brisk walking to get my cardio in! So jealous of your running skills!

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    1. Hahaha yes I don’t blame you!! It’s not always very fun!! I actually used to hate it as well, especially in high school. I would see people on the track team and thought they were insane for signing up to do something like that!! Lol

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  3. Love this… Running is defintely something I have come to LOVE over the years. I trained for my first half marathon after having my son and I have continued running ever since. Everything you mentioned are total motivators especially the music… That is the main thing that keeps me going and distracted. Keep up the hustle 🙂

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      1. It was super challenging but totally worth every mile… At one point I thought to myself “why am I doing this again?” Lol but then when your done its the most amazing feeling ever!!!! 😉


  4. I do NOT enjoy running lol I am a sprinter, but I think that kind of goes along with all the HIIT I do. Some people just really love the journey. My sister runs for fun. What’s that about?! lol She hits up every marathon that she can get to, even if she has to travel for hours. I prefer HIIT and lifting, but hats off to all of you who are in the run for the love of it! 😉

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    1. Hahaha yeah I don’t know if I do it for fun but I definitely enjoy the benefits!! I LOVE HIIT workouts!! They are a lot of fun and I like doing them first thing in the morning!! I haven’t done any marathons yet so hats off to your sister! That’s awesome!

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