Decorating and Compromise: Part 1

A while back I posted about my decorating qualms’ and how I wished I could decorate so flawlessly like my mom and have my home always feel warm and cozy. I do love how our house looks but it aint easy! One of my best friends Allison came over and probably gave me one of the best compliments ever. She said she really liked how I incorporated my style with things my boyfriend likes and that it went well together. I could not have been more happy. Of course I told her it wasn’t easy and my mom gave me pointers but today I thought I would share some of what I do to incorporate both of our styles together!I would be lying if I said my first thought was to put a bunch of his stuff in the guest room. Like make that his whole space for all his “quirky” things. I did quickly decide against that and things have come together pretty cute in my opinion. Nick’s mom loves going to thrift stores and also places like hobby lobby and she seriously ALWAYS finds the best stuff. The other day she found an almost brand new kitchen aid for $80.00. WHAT?! So while she is out, sometimes she will pick up some fun stuff for us or things she thinks Nick will love. It has now become the running joke that I’m going to hate her for filling my home with things like star wars characters and marvel merchandise. No such thing is true; I love her and actually love the stuff she finds. It also makes me happy because Nick loves our house and how it looks and it both feels like home to both of us. Today I am going to share our bedroom. It’s very simple and very us! Tomorrow I will be showing our living room/ dining room which is actually my favorite space! So make sure to come back and check that out!!

A shadow box with all our tickets from concerts, trips and places we go!

 This dresser is my favorite! It’s from Ikea and fits both of our stuff nicely! Nick’s ukulele is the main decoration on top that he got from Maui! The rest is just simple additions!

       We got our bedding together and Nick actually picked it out! It’s perfect because it still feels girly without being way to much.

 Our night stands! You can definelu tell I decorate mine and he just uses his haha. I love using mix and match neutral bed side tables for a fun different look!

I am stil looking for more pieces to hang in our room but this one is my favorite. Simple but so cute!

I hope you liked getting a little peak into my decorating! I can’t  wait for tomorrow to show you the rest! I hope you are all having a wonderful Monday! 🙂


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