Decorating and Compromise: Part 2!

Happy Tuesday! I’m back today with a continuation of yesterday’s post. Yesterday I covered our bedroom and today I’m showing you our downstairs! That includes our entry way, living room and dining room. Our living room has slowly become one of my favorite places in the house. Over the last year we have added new fun additions and moved things around a bunch. As mentioned in the previous post, we get gifted lot’s of fun things for around the house and I’ve had to learn how to use it all and not make it feel cluttered (a big pet peeve of mine).  Nick is a big fan of Star Wars and marvel and throughout the last three and a half years I have become a fan as well! I love incorporating his fun things in with my more feminine pieces. A couple of tips:

– Spread stuff out! Use the room you have and don’t clutter one type of item all in one area. Mixing and matching can make an amazing space!

– Bookshelves are AMAZING! They are not only practicle but so fun to decorate! I am always changing ours up.

– Fine unique pieces you both like! Coming together and making a space you both love is key.

– Trial and error! Not everything is going to look amazing on the first try! I’m still changing things up to make it work better for us!
Posters from breweries we have been to lining the entry way! Also, the cutest light switch cover Nick and I got for Christmas from his Aunt!

    The best framed cloth pictures of marvel characters we got for Christmas and a “Home” vase I picked up at a craft fair paired perfect on the mantle!

 One of my favorite new additions, my owl! How adorable?!

   A Darth Vadar figure we got from Nick’s mom… One of my favorite pieces and everyone that comes over loves it!

   Hello, R2-D2 lights… THE best.

     The mirrored tray above is from World Market and has moved all around the house! It fits amazing everywhere and is such a veritable piece!

      Yes that is a Darth Vadar head… Usually filled with M&M’s! 🙂


I would love to hear what you guys do in your homes and what some of your favorite decorating tips are!


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