My Skin Care Routine 

Something that has been on my mind a lot lately is skin care. I will start by saying that so far in life I have been pretty lucky in this department. I have never had severe acne and cross my fingers I won’t in the future. When I was younger I rarely if ever washed my face and only did face masks because it was something fun to do at sleepovers. Now some of you probably think that’s way gross but to me it wasn’t! My face doesn’t get oily and it would get washed in the shower but never with an actual face wash of any sort. My skin has breakouts every now and then but they aren’t anything note worthy. However, the older I have gotten, and the more into the beauty world I have gotten I have realized it is SO important to take care of your skin now, rather than try and make up for time later. I have changed what I do a bunch of times and will continue to change I’m sure as new products come out but wanted to share what I am currently doing! One thing I have noticed with my skin is it is a lot more dry then it used to be. Since moving more up north it definitely gets way colder here and my skin notices! I would describe my skin as normal to dry skin. If you have combination or oily skin these products still make work for you! For me it was all about testing certain products and seeing what works best for you! Here are a couple of my favorite products and my routine!

I start with a face wash to remove most of my makeup and to start cleaning my skin. This is the face wash Nick uses as well and not only does it get the job done but it feels light on the skin.


Once my face is washed I take this Micellar Cleansing Water with a cotton pad and wipe my face lightly with it. I can’t believe how much more residue and makeup comed off in this step. I used to be a big fan of makeup remover toweletes and still think they are very useful, but when I’m at home I like this step better because it feels less harsh on my skin. I don’t have to rub hard and it really feels like it cleanses everything.


Once my skin is clean, I apply a serum over my skin. This is actually something I got as a free gift at Ulta and will be repurchasing when it’s out. It’s absolutely amazing and leaves my skin feeling awesome after. I have been looking more into oils like this because the benefits sound amazing and I know I’m only scratching the surface!

My last step is applying eye cream and face cream. At night I apply a generous amount to my face so it can soak in while I sleep.

My number one downfall is sometimes sleeping with my makeup on. I used to do it all the time but now I would say 98% of the time take I take it gets removed before bed. This is so imperative to keeping your skin nice. I know however it is easy after a long day/night to fall into bed and just not feel like it. One tip I heard on a recent YouTube video was to put makeup wipes by your bed so at least you can wipe it off real quick before passing out.

I would love to hear what you do for your skin and any tips you have for making sure your skin is the best it can be! I love hearing new tips and learning more!


14 thoughts on “My Skin Care Routine 

    1. Yes! You totally should! If you do end up trying it I would love to hear what you think!! For me it totally makes a big difference in removing my makeup and my whole routine in general!!


  1. I wish I would of taken care of my skin when I was younger so I didnt have to try so hard now. Always take your makeup off and wash your face before bed… that is one thing I regret! I also just found two amazing products from Garnier that I am using and they are working wonders… I am going to try that Micellar Water too 🙂

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    1. I am hearing that so much lately from girls! I am really trying to stick with it and not let the laziness take over!! I hope you like the Micellar water! Let me know what you think!! What Garnier products have you been using?

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  2. Definitely going to check these products out! I don’t wear much make up, but I’ve noticed my skin being a lot drier lately and I need to stop neglecting it. And I love your shirt. I’m totally wearing a Decepticon shirt right now 😂

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  3. I saw a commercial for the Micellar Water this weekend and was intrigued. After seeing this post, I may check it out. Thanks!

    On most days, I wear little to no makeup, but I’m prone to falling asleep without removing any warpaint I do have on. I know it’s bad for me. The makeup wipes by the bed trick sounds like something I should adopt.

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    1. Yes! It’s my new favorite trick! I also love the Micellar water for days I wear no makeup because even on those days it’s cleansing and gentle and gets off the days residue. Let me know if you check it out!!:)


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