Fitness Friday #17: My Week In Workouts!! 

Happy Friday! Two weeks ago I did a post on My Week In Meals, this week I’m back to give you My Week In Workouts! One thing I know to be true, is it’s so hard to get back on track after slacking a bit! Last year I was in such a good rhythm of working out daily and eating healthy. Towards the end of the year, it got easy to slack a bit and skip some workouts and have way more treats than usual. It’s taken me the last couple weeks to fully get back in the game! Each week has been better than the last and that’s good enough for me! I was just mentioning to Nick the other night how I’m always surprised how much more energy I have when I’m working out. I shouldn’t be surprised but every time I can’t believe that even though I’m doing more and exerting myself so much more, I actually have so much more energy and motivation to get things done. For me, working out not only helps me feel good physically but helps my mood. I’m happier and I don’t feel as lazy. This week I am showing you my workouts from Sunday to this morning! I hope you like them!

Sunday: Sprints & Stairs W/ Nick!

-Nick and I don’t usually workout together but this past Sunday when he was heading out I decided to go with! I was a little worried because his cardio is ON POINT. He runs every day and I didn’t know if I would survive. We ran 1.55 miles to a near by school (my fastest mile in a loooonnng while trying to keep up) and I was already pooped! Then we hit the stairs and sprints. Talk about winded! After that we had to run that 1.55 back home. By the end I felt so accomplished but utterly exhausted! My whole body was shaking and my face was almost a shade of purple!! Nick is already saying he can’t wait for this weekend to do more of those workouts and that we need to add kettle bell to the mix! Hopefully I survive!


Monday: 30 Minute HIIT Workout: Tone It Up- The Ultimate Booty Call

I’m honestly not a huge fan of workout videos, I would much rather workout outside or at a gym. However the Tone It Up workout videos are my FAVORITE! They keep it interesting, funny and they make it WORTH it. This workout is a full body cardio workout. One thing I incorporate every week are HIIT workouts into my routine because they are the best for ramping up your metabolism and burning the most calories in a shorter amount of time.

Tuesday: 2 Mile Run
No evening workout because it’s Bachelor night so I got in a run at lunch! I get an hour lunch at work, so I pack a bag and run around the neighborhood surrounding my work. After my run, I stretched and then ate before having to change and get back!

 Wednesday Lunch: 2 Mile Run!

-Another 2 mile run at lunch to get the body moving! After that hard workout Sunday my body is absolutely killing me! These runs are so much harder now that I’m so sore!

Wednesday Evening: Gym!

-Went to the gym after work and got in 20 minutes doing a Tone It Up Stairmaster workout & finished off the workout with abs and arms!


Thursday: 1 Mile Run & Tone It Up Coconut Core Video

Got in a quick 1 mile run around my neighborhood before completing the Coconut Core and Booty video. My body was toast after this! I also was happy so see I beat my time from Sunday after having a week of hard runs.


Friday Morning: 20 Minute Tone It Up HIIT Video

It wasn’t easy but I got my butt out of bed before work this morning and got a quick HIIT workout in before getting ready! Even though I always feel amazing after a morning workout, sometimes its just too hard to get out of that comfy bed! Glad I got up this morning and started this day off right! (It almost didn’t happen haha).

I would love to hear what some of your favorite workouts are! I’m always looking for new ones to switch into my routine to keep it fun! Also, if there’s anything fitness wise you would like me to cover on Fitness Friday’s I would love to hear! I’m definitely no expert but love talking about fitness with others that are interested! We can all learn together! I hope guys have a wonderful weekend!:)



21 thoughts on “Fitness Friday #17: My Week In Workouts!! 

  1. You’re totally inspirational. I’m such a slacker! But i like your suggestions because i like new workouts and tired of the same old things. I’ll have to try them. And the bachelor lol.

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