Weird Food Loves

Happy Monday Loves! Lately I’ve been realizing I like some weird shit…food wise that is! Sometimes I tell someone what I’m eating and there face says it all. Now, in my mind what I’m eating is toally normal but now I’m starting to doubt that! It donned on me the other day that I’m like Joey from the show Friends. If I like all the food separate… put them together and its GOOD! Here are a couple of my weird food loves.

-Cottage Cheese & Onion

This has already been mentioned on here and some of you didn’t think I was totally crazy. But then again you haven’t tried it yet…

-Rice Cakes W/ Reduced Fat Ketchup on top

 I know… your probably really grossed out right now but I promise its good!! Its kind of like a fry! ( I have yet to tell anyone this in person and have them NOT look at me like I’m an alien)

-Meatloaf on Salad

Honestly I will put most anything on a salad but this is the weirdest. If I’m doing meatloaf sandwiches for Nick I just skip the bread and put it on top a nice big salad!

-Kodiak pancakes with egg whites… 

Totally normal right? Made into a sandwich! Where it gets weird is sometimes I add avocado and sriracha and then top it in sugar free syrup! IT’S TOO GOOD.

These are just some of the weird things I love! And actually eat on a semi regular basis. What are some things you love that other think is a little odd? Have any of you had these?




11 thoughts on “Weird Food Loves

  1. Haha i’m eating a rice cake as I type! I couldn’t imagine putting ketchup on it though- maybe one day i’ll get the courage, rice cakes are the best:)

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