Why Do I Say That?!?

Its March!! Can you believe that?!? It was just yesterday when I was saying I couldn’t believe it was almost 2016. So crazy!! Anyways… Lately I’ve been jotting down any random/funny moments and posts like this are slowly becoming some of my favorites! Have you ever said anything and immediately after are like “Why did I say that? I don’t even really think that…” Yeah well I have! Have a peek:)

– The other day I was driving with Nick and saw a house that reminded me of Disney and said “I always think that house looks like something from Disney!” Nope. No I don’t. I don’t always think that! I just saw it for the first time!

– While at work one day on the computer my co worker said how tired she was. My response was “Oh yeah me too” and then I stopped and went “No I’m not, I don’t even know why I said that”. Like the response was just automatic to agree with her.

– I have this weird thing where if I’m looking at something/watching something and you start talking to me it’s like my brain can’t actually do two things and hear you so my mouth just automatically says “Yeah” or “Uh huh” and then a few seconds later I realize you said something and then respond with “Wait what?!”

– When your talking to someone and it’s kinda awkward so you just say anything to keep the confirmation going. I hate that. It usually ends up with me agreeing about something they said and me going “Oh yeah totally! I’d love to hang out and go scuba diving for sure!” What?! No. Stop agreeing to these things! You don’twant to do that! (This one usually happens when I’ve had some drinks) Drunk Kaitlyn loves some stuff that Sober Kaitlyn wants no part of!

I want to hear if any of you do this!! Come on! I can’t be the only one! I hope your all having a wonderful week!! Happy Wednesday:)


7 thoughts on “Why Do I Say That?!?

  1. The third one made me laugh because I too am terrible at multitasking. It drives everyone around me nuts! I literally can’t even text and walk because I’ll trip and fall down. I don’t think our brains are very good at multitasking in the first place, but for some it’s worse than others

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