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Blog Swap! Laugh At Yourself First.

Today I’m so excited for my first Blog Swap! Or at least that’s what we’re calling it… Allison from How to Get Things Done in 10 Ways, and I have joined forces and are switching places!  You can find me over there today, and for all of you I have a post from Ms. Allison herself! She is absolutely hilarious and she really does teach me to not take life too seriously! If you haven’t already, definitely go and check her out and say hi to me while I’m there:) Allison take it away…

Life Lesson # 4,973: Don’t take life too seriously. Laugh at yourself. But do it first before anyone else laughs at you and makes you feel like an asshole.

Okay, good, now that we’ve got that clear…I’m serious though. You cannot take life too seriously though. Because in the end? What is it going to matter anyhow. And besides, I know you all have heard this wonderfully lame statement: “It takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile.”

I’m so excited to be swapping blogs today with Kaitlyn! She’s definitely been around long enough to see me at my highs and my lows and she knows it’s important to have a good laugh at yourself.

If you’re not laughing at yourself, then take me for example. Have a good laugh at me and then go laugh at yourself.

I cry at the mere thought of a serious situation.
Don’t ask why this happens, it just does. And it is soooo freaking annoying. I mean, for real, every meeting I have with my boss behind closed doors is a tear fest. But, I have to make a joke about it, to try to stop it. Something along the lines of, “Oh great here it comes again! How long did I last this time??” It’s so embarrassing, but my body is just naturally allergic to serious conversations. They make me uncomfortable, so I make fun of myself to try to divert the tears. It never works, but it’s the thought that counts. Right?

I have been known to pee my pants from drinking too much or laughing too hard.
This one is probably the worst. I have like the worst bladder control I’ve ever seen. Like I seriously need to buy some diapers when I go out drinking. It’s not like it happened that one time…it’s happened THREE times! I won’t bore you with all the times that I’ve lost control of my bladder, but the first time it happened: In Italy on St. Patrick’s Day. We were in a bar and drinking green beer with our classmates. Someone did something so funny that I started laughing hysterically and just peed myself. Then I had to run to my friend’s apartment with her like 5 blocks away thinking that no one could see me. They could. I was wearing light grey leggings! BUT I literally laugh so hard every time I think about those nights! I’m dying right now as I right this. Oh god. Hang on. Potty break!

I’m back!

I get caught making the ugliest faces at people.
Another uncomfortable thing I manage to do everyday. I suck at small talk. Seriously suck at it. So when I pass people in the halls, instead of smiling like a normal person would, I just make a weird face. Squinty eyes, tongue out, eyebrow lift, you name it; it’s on my face. I guess that’s maybe so no one will talk to me and then I don’t have to breach the small talk stuff…

I am not graceful, nor will I ever be.
If you fall, pick yourself up. Also point at the ground and yell, “Whoa! Did you guys see that?!” Works for me every time! If you run into a wall, same thing. If you drop something, make it look more dramatic than it needs to be. It’s all about the follow through!

I get winded from walking up the stairs to my apartment every damn day.
I’ve lived here for just about 2 years now. And it’s terrible when I walk up them and I have to take a few minutes at the top to collect my breath. And of course, I can never let it go unnoticed…I always have to point it out…something to the effect of: “DAMN! It never gets any easier does it?!” OR “I knew I shouldn’t have had those four donuts this morning!” You see what I did there? I made the joke before someone looked at me and said, “Damn girl, start working out or something!”

So what do y’all say? Are you with me?! Let’s all laugh at ourselves, before others get the chance. Then we can spend less time stressing/being embarrassed, and more time on smiling and laughing; the ultimate cure to anything. Unless if you have chocolate or a drink near by. Then hit that up too.

Anyone else react this way to situations? Don’t tell me I’m a rare breed of human here! I want to hear about your laughable moments 🙂



5 thoughts on “Blog Swap! Laugh At Yourself First.

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it! Luckily I’ve gotten some bladder control back over the years, but seriously once you do something like that it’s kind of hard to get embarrassed lol

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