Fitness Friday #18: Quick Clean Up! 

Hello Loves! Recently on Fitness Friday I have been mentioning that I workout pretty regularly on my lunch hour. I’ve had some questions on the “Clean Up” aspect of the whole thing and how that works! So now I’m back to show you how I get cleaned up after a tough workout!

The whole thing I try to keep in mind is, I never want to offend anyone with my workouts. Just because I want to use that as my time, doesn’t mean they need to smell it! Now right off the bat I’ll say that some works have gyms and showers, mine does not! So if you have a shower and can do a quick rinse off and then do some dry shampoo action to your hair then I say take full advantage! I totally would if I could. If you don’t have that as an option then I am here to help!

Since my workouts include running and HIIT they are sweaty workouts. So I usually try to allow my time to cool down and eat before changing so I don’t have to try and change all sweaty! I’ve changed right after a workout before and it just feels gross and takes so much longer to cool down once back in work clothes.



-First and foremost I keep deodorant and body spray in my bag at all times. These are essential! An application of these baby’s and your already on your way!

-This is a personal preference but I just do not like dry shampoo and opt for hair spray. My hair just doesn’t react well with it so I bring hair spray and quickly spray my hair up into a bun for the rest of the day! Otherwise my baby hairs make me look like a crazy lion!

-A change of socks and underwear. I learned this one the hard way! The first time I ever started doing this I would of course bring my workout clothes (which includes a sports bra) but didn’t think about the fact that I’m wearing the same underwear and socks and that is not comfortable! Make sure to bring extra so your fresh all over!

-Makeup bag! In my makeup routine I always include a primer and that usually keeps my makeup pretty well set. I also try not to wipe my face when working out so I don’t smudge it. I always keep my bag with me though for touchups I may need!



It may not be the fanciest but it does the job and I go back feeling fresh and good! Do you guys have any tips for after workout clean up? I would love to hear!


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