Fitness Friday #19: “That” Fitness Friend! 

When getting into fitness, at one point or another you get really excited about either the results you’re seeing or about the things your learning. This makes you want to share it with EVERYONE and there is nothing wrong with that feeling! Motivation and passion are amazing things to have. However, people don’t always love when you go out to eat with them and only talk about food your eating and changes they should be making to there diet. It’s different when someone brings it up to you and asks you something about that subject of course because then they want your advice or to talk about it with you. I thought I’d give you some examples of the fitness friend you don’t want to be! I also will say I’m sure I’ve done some of these at one point or another. I just try not to!

1. The one that cant stop talking about calories

-I’m a calorie counter too! But sometimes when your sitting at dinner with friends you don’t need to make it a point to add all your calories on your app out loud so that everyone has to be included in counting YOUR calories.

2. The one who talks about nothing else the whole time your with them.

-Take a breath! Talk about life, boys, heck even what TV your watching!

3. The one who will find any way to bring up the subject of working out or clean eating.

-Me talking about my work troubles is not the time for you to bring up how many miles you just ran.

4. The one with ALL the unsolicited advice.

– We don’t want to hear about how we SHOULD be eating this or SHOULDN’T be working out like that. Honestly when this happens to me I want to do the opposite of what they’re saying just to prove something. #rebel. (On this one I don’t mean when someone sees you doing something that could injure you and trying to help you) And not saying these people don’t mean well. They do I’m sure and I bet I’ve done this. It just tends to make people feel yucky about the subject and almost put them on the defensive. Or makes them roll there eyes…

Trust me when I say its AMAZING when you find a passion for something. And I know personally how consuming it can be when your trying to loose weight or be healthier. I just never want to be the one that doesn’t get invited somewhere because the people around are thinking I’m going to talk there ears off about how they should be doing things differently.

Let me know if you’ve ever experienced this or even if you’ve done some of these! 🙂 Happy Friday!



10 thoughts on “Fitness Friday #19: “That” Fitness Friend! 

  1. For real sister! I hate when I’m eating a delicious cheeseburger and some naysayer comes around with, “oh it is grease on top of grease” and I’m like thinking, shut up, I’m skinny, go away ahahahaha!

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  2. On #4… I remember one time someone told me that girls really shouldn’t wear horizontal stripes because it makes them look bigger. I specifically bought a horizontal striped shirt and wore it to prove that it was perfectly okay for girls to wear. 😉 So I totally hear you on being that person who wants to do the opposite just to prove you can.

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