Got My Mind On Vacation And Vacation On My Mind

This week the official countdown has begun!

All I have to do is get through his week of work and then I am officially on vacation for a week! How do you get through a week of work when all you can think about is vacation?! It’s torchere! It’s impossible!!

This past week I’ve been trying to find ideas of things to do to keep this week more bearable. Here are some ways to get through the week when you really just want to be on vacation already!

1. Make fun plans for the week

-Date night! What’s better than some burritos, beer and my favorite guy!!


– It’s the final episode of the bachelor so I will FOR SURE be spending all Tuesday night with my girls finding out what happens!

– St: Patrick’s Day! We will be heading to Nick’s parents house for corned beef and cabbage! Can’t wait!

2. Keep busy while at work.

– Focus on getting  everything accomplished by the time vacation rolls around! Not only will the time fly by buy you won’t have to worry while away!

3. Get the cleaning out of the way.
– This is what most of my Sunday consisted of. So. Much. Vacuuming. The rest of the week will feel like a breeze because you won’t be panicking about everything that needs to get done.

4. Look forward to what’s ahead!

– This also sounds like torture but can really help! Looking forward to all the fun you will have can make the days seems not so bad!


Honestly though, even with these I can’t stop thinking about what this next week holds and the fun new adventures we will have!

What are some things you guys do to keep busy when all you can think about is vacation or something fun that is happening in your life? Any advice is welcome!!


29 thoughts on “Got My Mind On Vacation And Vacation On My Mind

    1. 1. It is!! But we don’t have cable so all the girls get together on Tuesday and watch it on Hulu! So from tonight until tomorrow when I watch I’m banned from social media!! Haha
      2. It was soooo good 😍
      3. You are the sweetest!!

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      1. Awww! I’m concerned about Spoilers. Before the Internet all my coworkers were miserable and would ruin it for you. I’m way more worried about this situation than i should be hahaha! Ps who do u want it to be? 🙂

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      2. I wanted caila but she’s gone. I really thought that was the one who would make it! Totally misread the signs then lol

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      1. Ohhhhhhh that sounds amazing! My stepdad is building a resort right now in Belize, and he snapchats me photos every day, I am SO jealous!!! Also, I was just randomly cruising hashtags last night on IG and saw Mahogany Bay and it looks AMAZING!!! You’re going to have the best time!

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      2. Really?! That is amazing!! I can not wait to experience these places in person!! I can’t believe I never thought to search IG for these places!! Now it’s all I can do 😍😍

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      3. Hahaha when you’re traveling, and you check into a place on instagram, check out other people’s posts of that city and you’ll find so many cool things to do! I found the most amazing sea turtle farm in Mexico that way, and it still tops my list of best life experiences!!

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  1. Great tips! I only watched the Bachelor last night on DVR and there were so many times, the ending could have been ruined for me but I avoided any talk of the show like the plague. Have a great time on your vacation. Keeping busy is definitely a good way to get your mind off it. Xoxo

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    1. Thank you!!:) 😂😂 Me too! Facebook and Instagram were definitely off limits! I was so happy I got to be surprised! It’s definitely been helping but this week still feels like it’s taking forever 😉


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