Fitness Friday #20: All About Those Goals!

It’s Friday and I could not be more ecstatic! After work I have a quick stop at the gym and then I’m home free!! Tonight will be spent packing and watching DareDevil. The new season is out and Nick wants to binge watch it all before the cruise! I wish I could say that’s impossible, but it’s not.

This will all be done with a drink in my hand because, IT’S VACATION TIME!

Before we actually leave, I wanted to take a minute and quickly check in on some goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year and set a few goals for vacation! First lets see how I’ve been doing! To see my original goals post click here.

1.Workout every day– I would say I get a solid 6 days and sometimes let vacuuming/ walking around town with Nick be my exercise for the 7th day ;).

2.Focus on toning my stomach & booty. – GUYS. This is by far my favorite one! I have totally been doing this and my workouts have been so great lately! For the first time ever I can see both areas getting definition! Still want to work on this more but so happy so far.

3. Drink more water– Killin’ it! Even on the weekends!

4. Less cheat meals– This took a while but for sure I have done better. In the last 2-3 weeks I haven’t even had one and haven’t felt the need.

5. Push myself harder– This goes with #2 and I feel like I have! Every workout I do my best to push myself. Having a workout buddy has majorly helped this!

6. New healthy meals to cook– Yes and no! I have found some new yummy ones including a healthy dip I’m obsessed with, but definitely need to work on this one more!

Now for vacation goals! Just some small ones to help stay on track. Obviously it’s vacation and drinks and dessert will be had!

1.Workout at least 3 times while on the ship. They have a track on our ship that goes around part of the boat and they have a gym. We have three days of pure boat time and Nick and I are determined to get our butt’s up and workout first thing before we go relax!

2. Only eat when I’m hungry. This is big! With everything free and so much yummy food its so easy to just keep nibbling on things!

3. Only eat till I’m full. This is another big one! I want to enjoy vacation and I know every meal won’t always be the healthiest but I can help myself by watching my portions and not stuffing myself.

4. Drink that water! Yep. The drinks will be flowing and that means water too! I will be bringing my water bottle and making sure I’m getting enough every day!

That’s it! Nothing too crazy just some goals to stick by so I feel good the whole time! I would love to hear if any of you guys have some goals your working on and what they are! Do you guys ever set goals for while you’re on vacation? Happy Friday!



13 thoughts on “Fitness Friday #20: All About Those Goals!

  1. I love this. I am going on vacation in May and I feel like goals would be so beneficial. Congrats on the progress and determination. I hope I can start some goals and stick with them throughout my trip. I’m going to Cancun, so I’ll definitely have to go easy on the eating a drinking..great post!

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    1. Wow thank you so much!! It wasn’t easy to start but having goals made it so much easier and I feel much better going into vacation now! That is so exciting! I’ve never been to Cancun but it sounds amazing!!


  2. Good for you girl! This is awesome! I am definitely in need of some stomach/booty toning too – you’re motivating me to get to it!! I did so so much walking in Italy, I actually feel like I got in better shape. Need to keep the momentum going at home. Have the most amazing cruise! Keep your goals in mind, but don’t forget to enjoy every minute!! :):)

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    1. Thanks girl! Definitely will try and keep it going this week!! I did already have a beignet in New Orleans but its all about balance right?? lol. And i bet! I’m sure you can totally keep that momentum going!! Your trip sounded absolutely amazing and now you have me dreaming of going as well!

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