Random Thoughts! 

The other day I was looking at my drafts folder for blog posts and it had at least 5 of the most random, 1 line thoughts! All saved as their own drafts. I read them and thought, “what the heck made me think that?!” At the same time it also made me think “Oh yeah…I wonder if that DOES happen.”

Since I don’t have anywhere to put them and definitely can’t get rid of those little gems, I decided to put them together in my own version of “Random Thoughts” that I’ve seen Allison post over on How to Get Things Done in Ten Ways. I hope you enjoy the weirdness that is my brain!

1. I wonder if people ever print nudes and then the people at Walgreens who have to print them are like “OMG!!”

2. Pay per view. I’ve never seen it written out, only heard it and never realized it means exactly what it’s called. You pay, per viewing. MIND BLOWN.

3. People love talking to runners… “Running today?” “You sure make me feel lazy!” “I feel like I should be giving you water!”

4. Ever think back to advice you got when you were young from friends? It’s weird! I remember my friends telling me how to make out… “You just put your tongue in and swirl it round and round around his!!” Yeah. No…

I would love to hear some of the random things you think about! I know we all have them!



13 thoughts on “Random Thoughts! 

  1. I loved the joke about the giraffe 😛 Haha..
    The other day I was just telling Allison, how I adore her random ramblings section and now you too! You both are really a scream and reading your posts are so much funn 😀 I have a lot of random thoughts too but they keep on buzzing that I do not have enough time to write about it! I mean its so weird, one comes and before I can think about it another comes and so on. Sometimes the voices in my head are so strong I miss what is my hubby saying 😛 I really admire you and Allison though to keep it documented and share for a great read ❤

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    1. Wow thank you so much!!! They are definitely very fun posts to write!! I hear you though, sometimes I have a random thought and before I can even write it down, I’ve forgotten it!! Fun to keep track and look back though! The mind is a very funny and random thing!!


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