Day To Night Makeup Look

Last week I showed you my favorite eye shadow palettes and today I’m back with my day to night look!

This is the most nervous I’ve been about a post yet! Not quite sure why but this feels different from the other things I’ve put up before.

Makeup is something I have always loved and really like taking time to do. On a regular basis my routine is QUICK. I’m talking maybe 3 minutes for a full face. However when I want to spice it up a little or have more time on the weekends I sit in front of my bedroom mirror and take my time!

I’m no expert when it comes to makeup at all! This is just something fun I like to do. Every time I read blogs about makeup or even talk to my sister I learn something new! Now lets get into it!

1.Get that primer out!


2.Eyeshadow! I usually go with something bold.


3.Eyeliner & More Mascara!


4. Tinted lip- I always go for a softer lip. I LOVE when girls wear dark lips but I just can’t get into it for myself. I usually go for a bold eye and soft lip!

5. Some extra shimmer!

I would love to hear what you guys do to spice up your makeup! It’s fun to try new things with makeup because if you mess up it is such an easy fix! Happy Wednesday!


10 thoughts on “Day To Night Makeup Look

  1. So pretty! That shadow is really gorgeous! Whenever I want to spice up my makeup I’ll try a colorful eyeliner, triple/quadruple up on mascara coats, or go for a bold lip — I don’t do any of the above toooo frequently, but it is fun to mix things up once in a while! 🙂

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