Fitness Friday #21: Drooling Over Workout Clothes

Recently I realized my workout clothing selection is BORING. Over the years I’ve collected random t-shirts from here and there and those have become my workout shirts. As for the pants I have a couple pairs that I rotate through till laundry day!

How exciting!

Lately I’ve really had the itch to purchase some fun new pieces for my workout wardrobe! Especially cute sports bras and tops! Here are some I’ve been drooling over….

  Link here!

  Link here!

I mean come on! Look at those pants! You would totally be the coolest one at the gym… I WANT!

Link here!

  Link here!

  Link here!

Link here!

  Link here!

Link here!

Do you guys have anything you’ve really been wanting lately? My wallets telling me no but my hearts telling me heck yes!



23 thoughts on “Fitness Friday #21: Drooling Over Workout Clothes

  1. Oh my gosh all of those sports bras are so cute — I love the criss cross backs! I feel like when you feel good in your work out clothes it make all the difference. I was recently thinking how I could use an upgrade as well. Thanks for sharing all of these cute items!!!

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