Date Night Ideas!

We just got back from vacation and man do I wish I was sipping on a drink right now looking out the sea with not a care in the world! I can’t wait to tell you all about the trip and the excursions we went on because it was absolutely amazing!

But that will have to wait…

Since I’m just getting back into the swing of things I thought I would talk about fun things to do at home! (To make missing vacation a little easier.) So I made a list of some cute date ideas that won’t break the bank either! I mean hello we just got back from vacation!

Let’s get into it!

Homemade pizza and wings night!

– We love this one! This usually includes hanging out in the kitchen and ending the night with a fun movie to watch!

Local brewery date!

– This one is super fun because a lot of them have games sitting out that you can grab and take back to your table! Go fish anyone?? πŸ˜‰

Go to the movies!

– The newest one by us is a restaurant and bar as well. Not only are you able to get drinks and food served to you during the movie (which surprisingly isn’t distracting), you also get yo reserve seats ahead of time. Win!! We love it and they always have deals for the food and drinks to keep it reasonable.

Game night!Β 

– Whether it’s Mario Cart or Nick having me play some of his games with him it’s hilarious because I’m awful. A favorite is Lego Starwars!

Check out Groupon!Β 

They always have amazing deals and fun things to do on there that you may not even think of!

I would love to hear some of the fun things you guys do for date nights! Happy Monday!


15 thoughts on “Date Night Ideas!

  1. My husband and I love to sit outside on our patio after the baby goes to bed, we listen to music and talk and have wine or fun cocktails.

    Day dates are also fun!

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    1. It’s an island off Belize. I’m fully in love and already need to be back there 😍 I have posts coming of all our stops & it hurts having to go through all the photos because I just need to be there! Haha.
      Also, you are the sweetest!! It’s so good to be back!! I definitely am a little slow this week though. Getting back to the grind wasn’t as easy as I thought!


      1. You MUST!! Also, on my Insta I just posted some photos from our first stop Isla Roatan. It was the most amazing place ever. Check it out! I’ll be doing a post on it too! I want to move to vacation 😍😍😍 You did it right!!

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