Fitness Friday #22: Cruise Goals Update!

Friday has arrived!! Finally!! This week actually wasn’t too bad but man was I tired this week! I felt out of my routine and am happy to have the weekend to reset. Next week is cruise week here on the blog and I’ll be giving the 4-1-1 on everything on and off the boat!

Before I left on my trip I made some goals that I wanted to accomplish and stick to while gone. See that post here.

1.Workout at least 3 times while on the ship: Accomplished! I ran 2-3 miles the three days at sea we had and also incorporated arms and abs! They actually had such a nice gym and it was very neat running on the treadmill and looking out at the sea! Also, wow! So easy to run there! It felt like nothing pumping out those 3 miles, but then I got home and it was not so easy again!

  Sorry for the blur! Definitely took this mid run and didn’t check till later!

2. Only eat when I’m hungry. I would say I accomplished this 80% of the time. There were definitely some late night pizza/BLT runs that weren’t totally necessary. I feel really good about them considering how much food there was. You will see that on a post coming next week!

3. Only eat till I’m full. The same as number 2. I consciously tried to stop from eating when I knew I was full but there were a couple times it was just so good I kept going!

4. Drink that water! OHHHHHH yeah! Totally did this one! We brought water bottles (definitely do this if you go cruising) and we filled up constantly during the day. ( They have fill up stations in all main areas and one for the serenity lounge!). I kept track of my oz. and totally felt it made a huge difference!

I hope you all have a great weekend and hope that your kicking butt at whatever goals you have set for yourself lately!!



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