Cruise Vacation: Days At Sea!

I’m currently in a severe state of vacation denial.

I don’t want to face the reality of dishes, laundry, cooking….yuck! Especially coming back from a cruise, where I didn’t have to move a finger. It was the LIFE. I know we’ve all had those post vacation blues… And soon I will be less crabby and back to normal! I honestly can’t complain because in less than two months we set off again, this time to Hawaii to attend a wedding for a couple of our best friends.

I’ve been dying to show you guys everything from our trip! Today I wanted to show you all there is to do on the cruise ship itself!! We had three days at sea and those are the most relaxing days! Stay tuned because I’m going to be showing the excursions we went on as well the and they were an absolute BLAST!


Let me first start by saying the cruise ship pretty much has everything you could ever need or want. We were on the Carnival Dream which is Carnival’s largest ship. To give you a little info on the ship it had 14 decks and our room was on 11. Most everything you go to during the day is on the upper decks which is food, lounges/pools & activities. In the evenings, the main bar/lounge and dinner areas are on the lower decks. Everything is extremely easy to get to and we always opted for the stairs! You’ll see why when you hear about the food 😉


For breakfast/lunch you walk up and grab what you would like, it’s buffet style along with some other special things like a burrito bar, Mongolian BBQ, sandwich place and 24 hour pizza. Its dangerous. You walk up and grab pizza anytime you want!

For dinner you pick either early or late dinner (we did late which is 8:15) and you have assigned seating. Every night at our time we would walk in and sit at our table together. It’s fancy but also so fun! No shorts or flip flops aloud! On two nights you have fancy nights and those are always fun, also hilarious because some people break out ball gowns!

At dinner everything is personal servings and you have starters, a main and then dessert! Want three starters and two mains? Do it! No one will stop you and its actually more common. Most nights we would just stick with one main but sometimes you gotta splurge! Also, we had the BEST server! He knew all of our names by the end of the first night and was absolutely hilarious. At the end of every dinner he had a new magic trick to show us! Those little things make it that much more perfect.



They have a variety of activities you can do during the day and events that take place at certain times. Each night when they turn down your bed, they leave a paper with all the events for the next day. They have TONS!

For kids I saw a little water park, & they are always doing special activities for them that they put on the daily bulletin I mentioned.

For everyone else they have the pools & lounges, water slides, outdoor movie nights on a big screen, mini golf, basketball courts, spa (some spa stuff does cost extra), dance clubs, comedy shows, karaoke, casino, bingo, art auctions & even a Men’s Hairy Chest Competition complete with the Magic Mike theme song! What a sight…


To give you a run down our days usually looked like this:


-Change into bathing suit

-Get breakfast, eat said breakfast & drink coffee with this view:


-Order mimosas, continue to lounge and have various drinks while alternating reading and pool time (Throw lunch in there too)

-Pre dinner drinks


-Watch a show or head to the casino!

Shouldn’t every day be like that? Where most of your day is just reading & taking in the beauty of it all? I think yes!!

We always choose to hang out on the Serenity Deck. That means only over 21 and it has it’s own bar! We made friends with the nicest people who worked the bar and stayed out there as long as we could!

The only times we actually left the serenity deck were for two things: An art auction…because free champagne, and BINGO! Nick’s mom won $500 dollars last year at bingo so we were all about that!! Sadly we did not win:(


It was such a blast and I definitely recommend you look into a cruise if you never have! Let me know if you’ve ever been on a cruise and if so what your favorite part was! Happy Monday!


15 thoughts on “Cruise Vacation: Days At Sea!

  1. Awwww, I’m SO excited to read your cruise recaps! 🙂 I’ve gone on two cruises now, and it’s absolutely amazing. AND my favorite vacation EVER was to Hawaii, because it is just soooooo beautiful!!! (My husband and I always talk about moving there, because we loved it so much. Ha, ha). 🙂 Anyway, I can’t wait for the Hawaii recaps too.
    I feel as though I’m traveling vicariously through your blog… HA, ha! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awe thanks!!! You are too sweet! Right?!? I have been to Hawaii once before and it was my most favorite trip I think! Absolutely amazing and I have photos everywhere in our house to remember it! I can’t wait to go back!! Thank you for reading!!:)


  2. The serenity pool is always one of our favorite places on Carnival cruises. We love kids, but when we’re on vacation it’s nice to kick back and relax without getting splashed by kids doing cannon balls haha! We also always take the stairs on cruises for the same reason! Love reading this because it reminds me of how much I love cruising! 🙂

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  3. Wow. The pics are nothing short of stunning and you look lovely in that little black dress 🙂 I have never been on a cruise till now and looks like we need to plan one soon 😉 But hubby has major seasickness problem so need to figure out a solution for that !!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!!! You definitely need to check one out!! One of the guys that went with us get sea sick as well! I’ve noticed lots of people on the boat either take pills or use the patches. One thing I hear a lot is its not as bad as one would think! Most of the time you never feel it moving!:)

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  4. This seriously looked like perfection. How freaking fun!!! What an amazing ship too – it looks like there was everything you could ever want/need! I kid you not, my boyfriend and I have been talking about going on a cruise forever and this post literally made me want to book right now. Also, you’re headed to HAWAII?! That’s going to be amazing!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay!!!!! That’s what I was hoping to do!! I bet you guys will LOVE it!!! Such an amazing time!! And there are so many different places you can go!! Yes we are!! Can’t believe we are already going so soon! I can’t wait!!

      Liked by 1 person

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