Cruise Vacation: Mahogany Bay, Isla Roatan!

On a cruise you get a couple “days at sea” and then you get “days at port”. We had three stops on this trip and you have the choice whether or not you want to get off the boat or not. You are more than welcome to stay on the cruise ship. Some people decide to do this and since everything is still running on the ship you just get more room and less lines!

At each stop you can either explore the port that you are stopping at, (they give you a time to be back at the boat) or you can do an excursion. We did excursions all 3 days. You can pick your excursion before or during your trip. They plan everything for you and all you have to do is be there at the time they say! They will let you know ahead of time if lunch is included or not and even if it’s not they always have places to eat around you.

They have all kinds of excursions at all different prices and can vary from going somewhere nice to spend time and explore a new place, or going on an adventure like zip lining! I will be breaking up my excursions into posts based on the places we went because this post would never end if I didn’t. First up is…

Mahogany Bay, Isla Roatan


Let’s just say I’m crushing on this place HARD right now…

This was our first stop and this day took my breath away at how beautiful it was. Our excursion was simple, a beach house day with all inclusive drinks & food. When we docked in Roatan we got off the boat and had a chance to look around a few shops in the main area, then we found the sign for our excursion and met our guides. They are always so nice and SO funny. We then got lead to buses to head to the beach house. There were roughly 30 people going to this excursion.


This beach house is owned by a couple that is actually from the US. They visited on a cruise and fell in love so much they went back and bought a house there. They now live there full time with their family. The cruise line contacted them saying they wanted a house to do this kind of excursion at and they loved the idea. There is staff for the food, bar and anything else you may need. The wife greeted us when we got there (she is the sweetest) and walked us through the house and into the backyard which is their own private beach with a gorgeous dock included. Breathtaking.


They had lawn chairs set up in rows so you could relax or you could explore around. They had snorkel gear and kayaks as well to use when you would like. We walked up and down the beach looking at places to rent, (hello future vacation paradise) and hung out on their dock.

They had chair swings hanging from it and you could jump in right from there. We spent most of our time in the water and relaxing together. As I said this was all inclusive so we also enjoyed awesome tacos (and the best rice & beans in the world) and all the rum punch our little hearts desired.

This was the most simple excursion we went on, nothing really adventurous but it was a favorite for sure. Tomorrow, I will be back with our trip to Belize and let me just tell you, it was AWESOME! I have never seen more clear or blue water in my life!

I hope you’re all having the best day! I would love to hear if you have ever visited Roatan!



11 thoughts on “Cruise Vacation: Mahogany Bay, Isla Roatan!

    1. For sure! I just checked yours out and well all I had to see was makeup and a recipe and knew we would get along just fine!! Haha. And thank you!! It was so beautiful there! Wish I was back!!


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