Fitness Friday #22: Darth Vader Made Me Do It…

This week I started participating in a 30 day FB fitness group! I’m sure a lot of you have either heard of these or participated in them before. Pretty much a group of people add each other on this group and give each other motivation by posting hilarious sweaty selfie’s and food pics!

In this group there are about 25 woman and you post your sweaty selfies and food for points throughout the 30 days. They also do little challenges every day (some you can win little prizes). Yesterday’s was most creative water picture to get those oz. in:

 I was a little forced 😉 Did I do good?!?

Even if you don’t “need” the motivation I still recommend finding something like this because these woman kick some butt! Everyone is getting in there workouts whereverh they can! We had a planking challenge and some were planking while getting there hair done! Killin it! It just makes me happy seeing all of the posts throughout the day!

On another note, yesterday was national beer day. And I just happened to be going to a brewery. I was a little bummed at myself for not getting in a great workout and told myself (after looking at all the awesome encouraging posts) that I would wake up early this morning and start my day was a badass workout…

And I did it!!! I’ve been telling myself to do this for weeks and keep skipping it. Since I put on the FB page that I would be working out early, I totally felt a bigger push to get out of bed. Hey whatever works right??

I would love to hear if you guys ever do any groups like this and what you feel about them! Happy Friday!!


5 thoughts on “Fitness Friday #22: Darth Vader Made Me Do It…

  1. This is great! Sounds like you found a really supportive community – I’ve never joined a FB group like that, but I think I should! So many health/fitness posts lately, You guys are reallllllly making me want to get my ass in gear!! Lol keep it up, you’re killing it!!! 🙂

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