Cruise Vacation: Belize 

Happy Monday!! I had such a busy and fun weekend! Two of my friends recently got engaged and this weekend was their engagement party! It was a blast and I’m so excited for there wedding that is coming up later this year! It was also another friends birthday so we spent Sunday with her and her family celebrating one of the best ways we know how…a BBQ! Sometimes I think there’s nothing better! 

This week I’m back talking all things cruise’s and today it’s all about Belize! If you’ve missed my two previous cruise recaps you can catch those here and here. Now lets sit back, relax and dream about a tropical place that has no worries…


Belize was the second place we visited and I was going into the day with a bit of nerves. We were going to be snorkeling with nurse sharks and sting rays. Well, and everything else that’s out in the ocean!

We first docked in Belize and then met with our tour guides. Belize itself is not an island but we took an hour boat ride an hour away to an island off Belize for our excursion that day. This place was GORGEOUS and had the most blue water I had ever seen in my life. 


The guides were again, amazing. I can’t say enough how welcoming, friendly and FUNNY they all were! For someone who was a tad bit nervous, they made me feel much better and relaxed! While on the boat, they took our lunch order (it was not included but we were all going to the same restaurant after the snorkeling so they took the order to help save time) gave us our gear and told us about Belize. Hearing first hand from locals about the place you are visiting is one of my favorite parts.

Once the boats stopped we got ready and in groups went out into the water with our guides. We were snorkeling in the 2nd biggest barrier reef in North America and I’m so happy I did it! We saw tons of fish, nurse sharks, barracuda (these were surprisingly the scariest to me), sting rays (right under our feet and swimming all around!) and random things like lion fish and lobsters!

One awesome part was we could actually stand where we were snorkeling. Sometimes it was on your tippy toes but it was still nice to be able to put your feet down if needed. It was one heck of a workout though because that current was STRONG!

After about an hour of snorkeling we got back on the boat and went to the island where we were having lunch. This was another place we would love to go back and visit. Everyone was so nice and there were dogs EVERYWHERE. My kind of place! We had time to eat and walk around a bit before heading back to the main land.


Belize was absolutely gorgeous and all of us loved it. On the boat ride back we saw dolphins and more of beautiful Belize. One interesting fact was this stretch of land: 


Actually used to be one! During a horrible hurricane one year it got split in two. How crazy!

Have any of you ever visited Belize? If not, it’s a must see!

Another random fact: This house which is literally a mansion on a tiny little island by itself and this landing strip is all owned by one person….what?! Crazy talk! Not sure if they rent out some of the places on the landing stip but that is nuts! We were all surprised to see it in what seemed like the very middle of the ocean. 



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    1. Yay!!! You will love it I’m sure! Also, I somehow deleted a comment of yours on my fitness post (blogger fail). But I love that you and your sister have a little competition! I have been wanting a fitbit more and more lately! Do you love yours?


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