Cruise Vacation: Cozumel/Tulum! 

Today is the final day of cruise posts and last but not least is Cozumel/Tulum!  


We docked in Cozumel in the early morning and were the first group to get off the boat. We picked to visit the Tulum Ruins which is a walled Maya city on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean in the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico for our excursion! 

We had to take an hour boat ride and then get on a bus for a 45 minute drive to Tulum. I’m gonna get real. This was the worst part of the whole trip. The 1 hour window on which we were on this boat. It made ALL of us sick to our stomachs. When we got there Nick’s sister and I were both completely pale and needing to get off the boat and when I turned to stand up the little girl next to me threw up all over the ground. Her mom was so apologetic (even though she didn’t need to be, poor girl!) and all I could say was “I feel you girl”. I mean it was SO bad. I never get sea sick and I was seconds away from seeing my breakfast again.

Once off that death trap of a boat we got on a bus to head to Tulum. This bus was amazing. It had curtains and big lush seats to relax in. I felt so sick I immediately passed out and pretty much slept the whole way. Which was a bummer considering the tour guide was saying fun facts the whole drive there. After my little cat nap I was ready to go and we all felt much better! 


On this tour, they lead you through in a group and tell you all about the Mayan people and the town you are in. It was so incredibly interesting and our guide was so awesome at giving these amazing facts and making it fun. Once he was done with his tour we had time to walk around and explore by ourselves. 

      **Do you see the iguana?? They were EVERYWHERE!!**       

These Mayan Ruins are on a cliff right next to the ocean which seems out of place but was completely gorgeous. After walking around we walked back to the little shopping area where the busses were for lunch. We ate and then got to shop a bit and Nick found the cutest margarita glasses ever. Just the right size for a coronarita 😉 We got such a deal on them and I ended up walking out with four glasses for $12.00! Score! 


We all LOVED this excursion. We had never seen anything like this and it was so cool to see in person. The only thing we all struggled with was how HOT it was. We were chugging water and finding any bit of shade to stand in. We would have stayed longer looking around but it just got to uncomfortable.

When we walked back to the bus our guide was there handing out cold towels, water bottles and chocolate! Did I say how amazing he was already?! Seriously we lucked out! He knew we were all exhausted from walking around and being in the heat all day so he said “night night” and I’m pretty sure everyone on the bus slept the whole way. The boat ride back was a bit better (we picked to sit in the shade on the top to get fresh air).


Even with those little hiccups it was a wonderful day seeing new things. Have any of you been to Cozumel or Tulum to see the Mayan Ruins? I’m sad the cruise posts are all over but I hope you enjoyed them and I hope I made some of you tempted to go on a cruise yourselves!! Happy Wednesday:)


14 thoughts on “Cruise Vacation: Cozumel/Tulum! 

  1. I LOVE Cozumel!! I’ve never been to the Mayan Ruins there, though! That’s on our list for next time! I’m so glad you guys had such a great tour guide who was so aware. That’s super helpful. And your tan is awesome! Oh, and that guacamole is making me hungry!

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