Fitness Friday #23: All The Excuses!

Sometimes the most hilarious/crazy thoughts go through my head, thinking of ways to either skip a workout or that it’s okay to eat something I shouldn’t. I mean…I’m pretty convincing! Maybe too convincing? See for yourself… 

– I should really be able to have that donut. I mean… I ate so good this morning and one donut won’t make a big difference, I really will workout hard tomorrow. Plus tomorrow is no guarantee and I should really just live my life and be happy because life is short and how dare I deprive myself of happiness and what’s more happy than eating a donut? OMG, I deserve that donut.”

– “I’m just so tired and busy so if I skip the gym I could get so much done. I could mop the floors, do the laundry, dust and make the best dinner! I will totally do my workout tomorrow!!” But what really happens is you sit on the couch watching tv… whoops!

-When you drag a friend down with you. “Come on! We’ve been doing so good….We need to hang out and have some friend time. Mental health is important too and friend time gives us that!!” I was reaching on this one…

-I won’t order fries, but Nick will order fries and I will eat some of his. That way the calories don’t count!

-Eating macaroni when you’re drunk doesn’t count. It’s like it never happened!

Please tell me some of you guys do this too!! I can’t be the only one! Happy Friday!!  


13 thoughts on “Fitness Friday #23: All The Excuses!

  1. I’m behind on my laundry (because I’ve been working out so much) so I don’t have any clean workout clothes…. my excuse this morning!! …I’ve been home from work for 2 hours, I still haven’t done any laundry!!

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    1. I’m glad we can agree on that! That’s why all my bad food decisions happen when I’m drunk 😉 And I am SO impressed with you! I doubt myself every day more and more I could do no sugar lol

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  2. Oh man, this hit too close to home! 🙂 I am the queen of excuses!! Just the other day, I spouted off an excuse as to why I couldn’t run. My husband paused a moment, then replied, “Do you need me to be understanding or tough on you right now? I sighed and said, “Tough on me.” And needless to say, I ran that night. 😉 But UGH, I always have an excuse to not work out!
    Thank you for the laugh… AND the motivation!! 🙂


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