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From City Girl To Country Girl!

Well… First off it’s Monday and this weekend I decided to get a little young, wild and free and fly of a dune on a quad and crash it. I’m now home and licking my wounds but more to come on that later! Luckily Nick got it on video so it made it all worth it! 

Anyways, after growing up in the city for most of my life and then moving to somewhere much more country-ish, I’ve accumulated new experiences and funny realizations. 

1. One of my best friends has goats, cows, lamas and chickens in her backyard…What?! One day I stayed at her place and we had to make sure to feed the cows….Now I know this isn’t CRAZY but it was to me!! Right in her backyard! That was weird…


2. Most everything you need is a 10-15 minute drive away. That might not seem big but in the bay area you could walk to most things they were so close and everything was a “5 minute drive” if you weren’t walking.

3. Now along with that one…everything was close EXCEPT if you had to go on freeways. Something 30 minutes away turned into 45 minutes away because of all the traffic. Here, I can go somewhere that’s 30 minutes away, in 30 minutes. Love it!

4. I may have been “outdoorsy” before but that is nothing compared to here. Wakeboarding, wake surfing, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, you name it they do it and its close! There are so many options for things to do on weekends and in the summer to get outside.


5. There are tons of lakes, but no ocean close! I used to be 30 minutes from Santa Cruz and that was very nice but here im much farther.

6. We recently got a panda express and a panera drive through close to us and I was like “OMG CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!?” I think this is hilarious because in the bay we probably had 3 of each within minutes of me.  

7. Costco is now a “day trip” for my parents. Driving 50 minutes to one… you better stock up!

8. When I moved the first thing I needed…A jacket… Yep. I had NOTHING that was very warm and the winters are COLD. Like sometimes we get snow kind of cold. For the first couple birthdays, Valentine’s  and Christmas’s all I got were coats!  


9. This may be embarrassing but I had to learn how to drive with my high beams. I had never had to use them before!! Everything was so lit up even at night in the bay! So I definitely had to first, remember to turn them on and then to turn them off when people are coming.

10. Other things I had to buy… Outdoor boots, warm boot socks and bootcut jeans. 

Have any of you ever moved somewhere different and had moments like this? I would love to hear! 


7 thoughts on “From City Girl To Country Girl!

  1. Such a different world when you move to another area! I had a hard time transitioning to life in the States when I moved here from China for college, but it has been so long ago now that I don’t think about it much. Mostly I was amazed by hot showers, constant electricity, and everything being in English. 😉

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