Fitness Friday #24: Dreaming of Workouts…

Ever since eating it last weekend on a quad I haven’t been able to workout. My neck felt better within a day or two but my back is just NOT having it! It just starts to ache no matter what I do! Especially with running. That’s a big no no! 

Since I couldn’t workout this week I found myself actually MISSING my workouts! Even though I complain about not having time sometimes I realized I really do love what it does more mentally and physically. I’ve found myself dreaming of the workouts I’m going to do when I finally can! (Nerd!)

It also doesn’t help that Hawaii is now only a month away and I need to get my shit together!! I want to go to Hawaii in the best shape I can and feeling great! 

Anyways, I thought I would show you some of my favorite workouts so maybe you can workout for the both of us!😉   

 Full Version  

 Full Version 

 Full Version 

  Full Version

  Full Version

I hope you like some of my favorite workouts:) You can also find videos of these workouts on their YouTube channel! Let me know if you give them a try! Happy Friday! 


16 thoughts on “Fitness Friday #24: Dreaming of Workouts…

  1. I was loving those and then i got a roommate with a very hairy dog and now i can’t get on the ground unless i want to be hairy like the dog 😦 i hope you feel better soon Kaitlyn!

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    1. Thank you!! Feeling so much better now!! I have to laugh because my boyfriends parents house is the same way! She keeps it so clean but it’s just too hard to keep up with all the dog hair so you always leave with it all over your clothes!!


      1. Yeah for real and I guess lint rollers here are hard to come by so… I’m like way squishy and untoned right now hahaha! I didn’t realize how much exercise I did on the floor! (have been avoiding floor).

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      1. Haha. You give a LOT of motivation 🙂 Wanted to ask you something. You seem to be a pro at this so apart from googling, thought will ask you also.Those slimming belts you wear around the waist, does it help? I was thinking of getting them to wear when I do exercises for my abs and focus on my core. Wanted to know your thoughts on that 🙂

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      2. I actually haven’t used one first hand so I can’t really speak from experience but people I know have used them and liked them! Things like that are usually personal preference but I know people say they feel a lot more pulled together using it and that it gives a little extra help when working out!

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