50 Things That Make Me Happy

I saw Allison from How To Get Thing Done in 10 Ways do the 50 things that make me happy tag/challenge and couldn’t help but join in! Reminding yourself of little and big things that make you happy is always the best:) 

1.Being outdoors

2.Lazy days with Nick

3.Adventures with Nick

4. Adventures with friends

 5. Sunday Funday

6. A clean house

7. Weekend trips

8. Being active

9. Cooking something amazing for the first time

10. Being around family

11. Vacations

12. New shows on Netflix 

13. Being around any animal esp. cats and dogs

14. Going out to eat

15. Going out for drinks

16. Sister Dates
17. Country concerts

18. Houseboat Weekends

19. Blogging

20. Rose bushes that smell amazing

21. Lazy mornings

22. Going to the movies

23. Pizza nights

24. Having all my meals prepped for the week

25.Going on morning walks to breakfast

26. Walking while holding hands

27. Pool days

28. Trips to Disneyland 

29. Trips to Disneyworld

30. Having all my friends together at once

31. Harry Potter

32. Coffee

33. Cat instagrams

34. Girls nights & Any type of Bachelor show

35. Giving someone a gift

36. Making someones day better

37. Freshly painted nails and toes

38. Freshly washed car

39. Cute new outfits

40. Clean sheets

41. Learning new things

42. Playing with new makeup

43. Sweet text messages

44. Talking in accents

45. Holidays/any reason to celebrate

46. Cheersing drinks

47. Being goofy

48. Meeting new friends

49. Seeing a place for the first time

50. Dancing 

Let me know if any of you do this as well! I would love to see!:) 


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