Beer and Cleaning! 

The countdown is real guys! Vacation is this month and I’m so excited!! I can’t wait to be back in my favorite place looking at this view:

The next two weekends coming up are going to be pretty busy so Nick and I took this weekend to relax and get things done around the house!

Saturday I spent most of the day cleaning the whole upstairs to our house, and I mean REALLY cleaning. I also did three loads of laundry and felt way to excited with how much I accomplished. After that, Nick and I worked out and then went to get some drinks before coming home and having some dinner. We live really close to one of our favorite restaurant/bars so it’s nice to take a walk down to grab a beer especially when the weather is beautiful. That night I also made a total drunk purchase. I’ve been saving for our trip but after a couple drinks saw the CUTEST shirt for our upcoming trip and without even a second thought purchased it. Part of it also had to do with someone posting a sale code so I actually got a great deal and cant wait to show you guys when it comes in!

Sunday was a busy one even though we meant for it to be low key! We went up to my parents house and ended up being there way longer then expected. It was already late afternoon when we finished up so we stopped to grab a beer at a favorite brewery and some lunch from the food truck. From there we went grocery shopping and then came home and cleaned ALL the cars! Vacuumed and everything! The rest of the night was spent meal prepping and then watching some of our favorite shows! It felt so good to get a lot of this house work done since we haven’t been able to recently.

What did you guy’s do this weekend? Happy Monday!


11 thoughts on “Beer and Cleaning! 

  1. I work an odd schedule so it was my weekend to work. My days off were Monday and Tuesday. Monday morning, I was at doctor appointments then slept, because I work graves. Tuesday. I ended up sleeping 14 hours, so most of Tuesday I catched up on sleep, because I dont sleep much when I work.

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