Everyday Makeup Organization! 

When Nick and I first started dating we lived 3 hours away from each other. I was constantly driving back and forth which meant my makeup was always in a bag. Even though I’ve now lived with him for about a year and a half, I have kept my makeup in that bag out of habit.

Lately I’ve been noticing my makeup getting dirty and my powders/blushes breaking from being smashed together. This past weekend I decided to change that up and switch up my everyday makeup organization! I grabbed a small hard case to keep everything together nicely and put it inside a cloth box for the cute factor. SO SIMPLE!

I’ve heard that keeping your makeup in the bathroom is actually not very good for the makeup because of the moisture so I keep this next to my bed in my night stand. When I get ready, I grab the box and apply! I love it! Such a simple change but it makes everything so easy and is keeping my makeup nice. Now when I go away I can just throw it in a bag and I’m out the door!

This is definitely just organization for everyday supplies. The rest of my makeup is stored in a drawer elsewhere. I also stashed some of my favorite face masks in here as well!! 

I would love to hear where you guys keep your makeup and how you keep organized!! Happy Wednesday!


16 thoughts on “Everyday Makeup Organization! 

    1. Ohhhh those look amazing!! I’ve had similar from the container store when I was younger and stupidly got rid of them in the move because I was on the go too much and never using them! I think I do need to get another!!

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  1. I only wear mascara so I keep that, eyelash curler and mirror in a makeup bag. Now, I have tons of anti-aging creams and I keep that in a basket in the bathroom. I throw all of it in a travel bag when I go somewhere.

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      1. Not so much specifically them but creams for my skin in general. Keeping it nice and moisturized! I really need an eye cream because that area is so sensitive!


  2. I store my makeup in the exactly same way. Acrylic organizers are nice, but I prefer storing my makeup away from the dust and sunlight (or moisture, so I have given up the bathroom long time ago). Well, anyway, big like for the post! 🙂

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