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Blog Swap! Checking Off the Ol’ Bucket List!

Guess what day it is! Guess what day it is!? Blog Swappin’ Day! Be sure to visit Kaitlyn at my blog today!

If you’ve ever visited my blog, you know that I’m a list girl. I love lists. I love putting stuff on my list that’s already accomplished, just to cross it off. Yeah…I’m that girl. Anyway, I’ve been making a bucket list for dayssssss. Okay, maybe years. But every once in awhile I get to do something to check it off my bucket list! I do have a few things on there that have not been checked off yet, nor do I think I may ever check them off, but they’re still on there in case if I ever experience a moment of bravery.

Are bucket lists still a thing? I sure as hell have it written on my phone. Might as well keep it with me wherever I go, so I can always remind myself of what shit needs to get done! Ha!

It’s important to have things you really want to accomplish or achieve or do in your life before we kick the bucket. Otherwise, what the hell was the point of all of it, huh? So here’s part of my bucket list, I don’t want to list everything – we’d be here all day! Some things are already crossed off, but some are still waiting for me!

1. Sky diving

The most intense feeling you will ever get! A rush, then peaceful, then calming, then wanting to do it all over!


2. Hot air balloon ride

Another amazingly peaceful adventure! So quiet up above everything!

3. Throw a pie in someone’s face

I just need to do this.

4. Suck helium out of a balloon

I know, you probably think I’ve been living under a rock. I’ve just always been so afraid of it!

5. Go through a corn maze

I’m claustrophobic as hell. But this is still on my list.

6. Visit Multnomah falls

I saw a picture of it on Pinterest and knew I had to get there and see it myself.


7. Hike to Mt. Tallac

One of the tallest view points of Lake Tahoe. I had to get on top of that mountain! I nearly died of pain and thirst but it was so worth it!


8. Climb Eagle Rock

Another Lake Tahoe one, but I always saw people pulling over to climb this rock and in 10 years of going up there we never stopped! Finally did it!


9. Safari Bed and Breakfast

I want to wake up to the elephants! Or tigers!

10. Visit Bora Bora

Mostly because it is called Bora Bora. How awesome is that?!


What are the top things on your bucket list? I could go on forever, but I’ve got to tackle some of these first!


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