Last Time In Hawaii…

The last couple days Nick and I have been non stop Hawaii talk. It finally seems real now that we are a week away from going again. We couldn’t be more excited! We’ve been thinking back to our firs trip there and I thought I would recap that trip with you in mostly pictures! Also, if any of you have been to Hawaii and have places we just have to see please let me know!! 

Our first trip to Hawaii was with a group of 9 friends. We are super lucky to have such an amazing group of friends to be able to travel with. This year, two of those friends are getting married! We are going with pretty much the same group plus a bunch more added on! 

Maui was magical. Sleeping with the windows and sliding doors open, listening to the waves, days at the pool or beach. It was just perfect.

We got to do so much our first trip there. We went zip lining, took a helicopter ride, went up to Haleakala, did the Roat to Hana and hiked the bamboo forest to the waterfall. We called Hawaii the magical place because even when we drank a little too much at night we would wake up with no signs of a hangover. It was the coolest thing ever. So every morning we would be up bright and early! 

We would go on a fun adventure and then go hang at the pool and bbq or go to the beach. We also went snorkeling and hiking all around to fun areas of the island. We took tons of pictures but these are some of my favorites:) 

Happy Monday:) 



8 thoughts on “Last Time In Hawaii…

  1. This post was so amazing – what an incredible place! Honestly, your vacation blogs always bite me with the travel bug. I hope I can get to Hawaii one day. Have the most wonderful time, you’re so lucky you get to go back!!! I’ll look forward to all of your future posts/pics that will surely make me sliiiightly jealous lol! Safe travels!! 🙂

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    1. Wow thank you so much!! Yes. Hawaii is amazing and you must visit!! I can’t wait to post all the Hawaii adventures! I just love making friends and following different blogs on here because we get to see so much from other people’s lives! I was LIVING for your vacation blog posts when you were away! So amazing and now top on my list for places to visit!!:)

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