Homemade Coffee Scrub!

Do you guys ever get really excited before a vacation and start going crazy with prep? Well I’m there. I feel like I can’t prep enough!! Face masks, whitening strips, moisturizers, shopping, cleaning…the whole nine yards! It just makes me all so excited!

With all this prep, I’ve been scouring the web for all things “pampering” and have been seeing so much on coffee scrubs! Two of my friends recently bought some and couldn’t rave enough! Well last week I got a Tone It Up email about cellulite. I know…so fun! Well, while reading, it talked about how common cellulite is for women and how 90% have it. I won’t bore you with facts but you can catch that post here. It’s a good read!


With all that said I was like OKAY I’M MISSING OUT; WHAT IS WITH THE COFFEE SCRUBS! All anyone has to say is soft skin, can help cellulite and is good for blood circulation. I’m in!! I decided to hop on Pinterest and see if it was easy to make my own and oh yes it is!

I didn’t follow any recipe specifically but they were all pretty much the same gist! All you need are 3 ingredients:

-Coffee Grounds, Coconut Oil & Brown Sugar!

For mine I did 1/4 cup coffee and brown sugar and about 1/8 cup coconut oil. I did add a little more coconut oil to get the consistency I wanted.

After that I just mixed it up and hopped in the shower! I applied it first to dry skin then after a couple minutes, turned on the water and continued to scrub. After only 1 time my skin was SO SOFT. It was seriously the easiest thing to do and I really felt a difference! I made sure to moisturize after as well. As for all the other benefits, only time will tell!

I would love to hear if you guys have done a coffee scrub and what your thoughts are! Also, do you have any pampering tips? I’m a little obsessed now!


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