Random Thoughts & Things I’ve Learned

Guys! It’s Monday and right now I’m feeling relaxed and happy! Since I’m feeling carefree and silly I thought this was the perfect time to share some of the random thoughts I’ve had lately and some random thing’s I’ve learned too! I hope this makes you smile on this Monday!

-Fiction and non fiction used to really confuse me. In my mind fiction was the real thing and NON fiction was the pretend… Only thats completely backwards. I wasn’t grasping the whole non fiction is NON FICTIONAL. I was just making up what I thought sounded better! Thank god I stayed in school.

-Do you ever sing along to songs without really listening to the lyrics? I was singing to the ‘Work from Home’ by Fifth Harmony and definitely thought it was about girls working and  idk getting shit done! Being badass! I realized it’s actually definitely about a girl telling a guy he doesn’t have to go to work but he has to do work….on her…I guess me singing in the car the other day with my mom and saying “This is me!” is really weird now.

-On the flight to Maui I realized I have a severe addiction to taking pictures of my food. When I say severe I mean I deleted roughly 4,000 photos on my phone of MOSTLY food. That wasnt even all of then! Who needs that many food photos?? Nothing even happens with them! 

-Sometimes I’ll get a great idea or I’ll have to remember something while on the go, so I type it in the notes of my phone! Sounds great right? Well it would be if I gave myself any context at all. It’s like I can’t take 2 extra seconds to write down what “524” means. What the heck?? That information is now useless! Also I put down tons of confirmation numbers but not what they go too. And even though I know this… I still do it. 

Happy Monday:) 


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