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Fitness Friday #29: Hawaii Running Is The Best Running

 Happy Friday!!

In other posts I have mentioned I like to keep a good routine when on vacation while also enjoying my time and relaxation. Hawaii was no different in that department! I kept it simple, one morning I ran and the other I got my friend to join me in doing a kickboxing video and booty workout! Two of the other days we did hikes which I counted as workouts and the others I just RELAXED! It was awesome!

One thing I wanted to highlight though was my run that first morning. Hawaii is 3 hours behind for me so I was up at 5:30-6:00 with no alarms set! So on the first morning Nick and I set out by 7am for our run. It was BEAUTIFUL. We did 3 miles and there is something so special about running with a significant other. I never really thought that until this run but it really was. We don’t run side by side by any means. He is much faster, but I would see him look back and wave to make sure I was okay and we would stop and look at the view together while running by the ocean.

After our run we grabbed some coffee in our room and an orange and went to sit by the beach with friends. I’m sorry but that’s the best morning ever. It makes me wish I could run there every morning. I snapped some shots while on the run! Hope you enjoy 🙂


10 thoughts on “Fitness Friday #29: Hawaii Running Is The Best Running

  1. Right you are! I lived there for several years–to-date my favorite running spots are still on Oahu, Big Island, and Maui! Nothing beats Diamond Head loop early in the am with surfers dotting the blue ocean. Beautiful! And running all year long–what a gift! xo

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