Fitness Friday #30: Accountability!

Well everyone, it’s summer season and that means fun in the sun and hopefully some relaxation! I’ve been doing just that, but have also been noticing my slacking on all things working out and healthy eating. Since my vacation I’ve been in the sort of, “I’m too busy” mood and putting off my workouts. I’m averaging maybe 3 workouts a week and well they aren’t that tough! 

Accountability is huge for me and I know many others, so Fitness Friday is going to be just that! Every week for the next 8 weeks I will be showing you what I’m eating and what I’m doing to get my body moving! 

I’ve been feeling sluggish at night and know that kicking up my workouts will solve just that! It also may or may not be my time of the month right now so this girl’s had a little to much fun candy. So here is the accountable part: I’m going to say 7 things I have to do and work on in the next 8 weeks and every week I’ll check in.

1. Workout everyday

2. Get my mile time into the 8 minute range consistently

3. Run a 10k (This one scares me!)

4. Limit all “treats” to once a week

5.  Consistently push myself 

6. Cook healthy dinners during the week AND weekends. 

7. Start getting my morning workouts in again at least 3 times a week 

Sometimes being stagnate can be the hardest thing to get out of. I’m comfortable right now and want to push myself out of that and push myself to test my limits and improve. I’m a big believer in being your own motivation so I really started looking back at fitness photos I’ve taken or runs I’ve done and even that is motivating to really start pushing!

I would love for anyone who’s interested to join in! You can either post as well or leave comments below letting me know how you’re doing! Happy Friday!:) 


30 thoughts on “Fitness Friday #30: Accountability!

  1. Maybe we can do an international buddy system lol! I’m lagging lately. My workout coach tells me, “Vamos, Kristi, vamos… I rrrreally sorrry” in an Argentinian accent hahaha!

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      1. Im right there with ya girl… why does it have to be 500 degrees outside?!?! I have been trying to get up earlier to get it over with and not die of a heat stroke and its actually pretty nice. Parting with my bed is the hardest part lol 🙂

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  2. Hey Kaitlyn. I loved your photos. What a great way to stay accountable. I am definitely going to check out your other blog posts and subsbrive. You should get an instagram. I didn’t see a link for that. I look forward to reading future posts of yours. I normally don’t solicit, but I have a few posts that might help motivate you for your future lists. Gotta keep each other motivated!

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  3. Your right kaitlyn, definitely accountability and consistency are key. Since ive started waking up at 6am for my morning gym sessions before traveling to work i really just cant stop. I naturally wake up early, and im not usually a morning person! Keep it up!
    Feel free to check out my blog i write a lot of health and fitness articles. I hope they prove useful to you in anyway 🙂

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    1. That’s wonderful!! I’m hoping to really get back to that after this transition with moving! It’s crazy how after a while of waking up early and working out it just simply becomes habit! I will definitely check it out!!:) Thank you for reading!!


  4. So true! I think the hardest part for everyone no matter what your fitness level is, is to fight complacency and say, “Well, I am okay for today,” when you know in the long game it’s not good enough or that you can do more. Loved the tips and I’m glad you are keeping yourself going and accountable!

    As a new blogger that is also a fitness nut, I just wanted to reach out and say, “Hello”, and that I really like your content! 🙂


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