Loreal Lumi Cushion Foundation Review

I recently picked up the the Loreal True Match Lumi Cushion foundation from my local Ulta. I had heard about it on a few YouTube video’s and it sparked my interest!

Right off the bat I love how it applies and how you apply it. You don’t get messy and it’s easy to use. I’ve been using my beauty blender but I have also seen that people use the pad it comes with or a foundation brush. All seem to work great.

The next thing I noticed about this foundation was how easily you can make this either light or medium coverage very quickly. You can keep applying layers and it never seems to get cakey.

After wearing it a few weeks or so and on a trip I have seen that it’s a very shiny foundation. For me, it works most of the time because I have normal to dry skin but even so, sometimes I felt a little too shiny. This was easily fixed by applying powder but I would say if you do have oily skin I may steer clear or keep that in mind when purchasing.

Overall it gives a natural look and is a great foundation for an everyday look and since it’s a drugstore foundation the price point was perfect. If I were going out or doing a night look I would either wear powder on top or pick something different that may last longer. 

I would love to hear what some of your favorite foundations are! I’m always looking for new ones to try.


11 thoughts on “Loreal Lumi Cushion Foundation Review

    1. Thank you!! Definitely a good one and great for light summer days I think! I started adding a little powder and that totally helps the look of being oily. One tip… Flip the little cushion over! I thought I was almost out and then flipped it and it’s like it was new!

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