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True life: I’m An Adult Now. 

Adulting can be hard ya’ll. It can also be hilarious, awesome, fun, confusing and frustrating. I’ve lived on my own (out of my parents house) for about two years now and feel like I’ve learned/realized a lot in that time. I also have a lot still to learn!

1. You realize how lazy you can be about some things and what your willing to live with. I will literally let my bath tub fill up when showering because I’m too lazy to unclog it. Yes, I eventually do it… eventually. I also realized how much my parents did growing up that I never knew about. They just kept everything running so smoothly!

2. Remembering everything on your grocery list is a task. When I remember everything I feel like I need to reward myself. There’s always one little thing, no matter how many lists I make, that gets forgotten.

3. Money management is everything:

– Remembering to pay bills and not only pay them but pay them ON time

-Remembering you can’t go out every single day & making smarter choices when you do go out

-Picking what you like to spend your money on. This was a big one for me! What’s important to you? 

– Understanding what credit is and just how important it is. That can be a very confusing and scaring thing when you don’t completely get it but recourses like Credit Card Insider are a great source to figuring that out! Credit is something that’s important for your future and the earlier you pay attention to it and understand it, the better!

4. Asking for help. Let’s get real. I’ve asked my mom and Nick’s mom, heck even my friends mom how to do things around the house that I have no clue how to do yet. 

5. Realizing what you look for in a place to live. I will be able to pick the next place I live sooooo much better. I had no idea all the things to ask and cover when looking for a place! Like: deposits, animal fees, special policies they might have, parking, etc. 

6. Understanding health and what to cook because the freedom made me eat all the pasta. I had to remember balance is key!!

7. Realizing all those childhood dreams of staying up late and eating candy and ice cream 24/7 is unrealistic and sometimes that still makes me sad! Sometimes when its 11pm (my bedtime) I declare “ I could stay up all night if I wanted to!”. I never do though… because reality is not kind and that 6am alarm comes way to fast!

8. The moment you realize there’s really no going back home. This new home is home now, and I like it that way! Not that I don’t love my family but I love my freedom and the little family I’ve made for myself. 

What are some tips you guys have or any funny things you’ve realized when moving out on your own? Happy Thursday!


9 thoughts on “True life: I’m An Adult Now. 

  1. Hahah, yay for becoming adults!! They never tell you that there are so many small things that you’ve never thought of before! I saw an epic coffee mug that you might like, it said “I can’t, I’m adulating.” Thanks of sharing!


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    1. Right?! I wish I would have learned that in school! That coffee cup sounds absolutely amazing! I need that for at work in the mornings!! Thanks so much for reading!!


  2. I never did learn how to manage my own food intake. The 3-ish years between college and moving in with my husband, I didn’t eat nearly enough. I apparently need a parent, a spouse, or a college cafeteria to feed me, because left to my own devices I will prepare three meals a week, max.

    I have to clean the litter box and vacuum the area around it EVERY DAY if I want to have a good relationship with my cats.

    If there’s a drain clog, I have to try to pull it out manually, with my hands or with a plunger, instead of using Drano as a first resort.

    The house runs more smoothly if I get into the habit of doing little chores multiple times daily instead of letting it all pile up. This is ESPECIALLY true for putting away all the crap that piles up on the dining room table and the bedroom floor.

    I don’t know, I never had trouble paying bills on time or keeping necessities on hand, but I had a lot of trouble keeping things clean and tidy and keeping myself fed. Even now, years later, my husband still helps me a lot, but I THINK I could do it myself if I had to!

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    1. I get it!! I would totally eat less and prepare less if it wasn’t for my boyfriend needing regular meals! Which isn’t good but just so much easier!
      Awe that’s so cute! I want a cat so bad but I guess I will enjoy my litter box free time while I still have it! Lol.
      This one is huge! My mom cleans like that as well and it’s such a huge help! Now that I’ve been doing that it definitely isn’t as bad!
      That’s adorable! Team work makes the dream work!


  3. I never want to “Adult”… Can we go back to being 5 and playing barbies!?!?! Everything changes when you get older but thats life. One tip I learned early on was to always ask questions… If you are confused or dont understand something ASK! 🙂

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  4. I love this list so much! I can relate to every single thing you mentioned – I ALWAYS forget one grocery item, it is the most frustrating thing ever!!! #5 is definitely true too – after living in a condo there are a few things that I really wished I had + will definitely be looking for in my next place! The bills + responsibilities though, ughhhh I wish I could back to grade school sometimes!! But I have to admit, Adult-ing does have its perks. 🙂

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    1. Isn’t it?!? Ahhhhh. It’s the worst! Especially when you need that one item for that nights dinner! And exactly! Sometimes I wanna go back to the care free days of no responsibilities but then again the freedom of being an adult isn’t so bad either! Also, champagne. I can’t give that up now! Lol

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