Fitness Friday #31: Progress

Guys! Week 1 is coming to a close and I’m feeling pretty excited about it! I don’t know about you but this is exactly what I needed to start getting back into the swing of things and overall feeling better!

I thought I would go through the possitves first and then some of the things I want to work on! If you haven’t read my last post you can read that here. I’m trying to stick to a better eating/workout plan for the next 8 weeks and have some goals in mind! 


So far I’m feeling really good about working out. I kept with my rule and worked out every day this week! Even on the days I didn’t want to I did! On Wednesday in particular I felt down and tired and had 0 motivation. I almost gave in until I got this snapchat:


My butt was on the elliptical 5 minutes later! This is what I love about this space! People motivating eachother and helping accomplish eachothers goals. Also if you caught that I said jumped on the elliptical..yup, I got an elliptical! My parents actually had two and kindly gave me one. I really have no excuses now!

I feel so much better this week and so much stronger. For a quick recap my workouts included: stairmaster, elliptical and weights. Along with thowing in squats! Cant forget the booty! Next week I want to encorporate more running and leg workouts.

I also felt amazing about my meals this week. I meal prepped and didn’t snack while at work. I kept up on my water intake and also encorporated healthy dinners into our week!

Need to work on 

I want to focus on a couple things next week to do even better. I had said I wanted to do a morning workout at least three times a week. That only happed twice this week. It wasn’t easy! I want to push myself to do better in this department! 

I told myself to only do 1 cheat meal a week. It’s Friday and I had two this week. My meals were on point but both Tuesday and Wednesday weren’t the healthiest of dinners. I had pizza one night and the other went out with Nick and had a burger. I tired to do better and only ate half but still! I really want to stick to my guns and push myself. 

For my meals I stuck with my norm, Kodiak cakes & eggs for breakfast, cottage cheese for snack, Ground turkey, green beans and brown rice for lunch and almonds/banana for last snack. My dinners ranged but I did get in some good chicken dinners with salad. Like I said I had one to many fun dinners this week but will work on cutting those out!

One thing I noticed is I slept so much better because I was so exhausted at the end of the night which felt amazing. I was exhausting myself and then sleeping like a baby!

Do any of you have some goals your trying to accomplish? I would love to hear! Happy Friday!:)  


8 thoughts on “Fitness Friday #31: Progress

  1. I am so impressed – you are so determined, I need to get my mind to that point! I cannot believe you worked out everyday, that’s amazing! I literally dread exercise, although it is without a doubt the one thing that you will never regret taking the time to do!

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  2. Seriously I finally got this little yoga mat/one of those windshield reflector looking things (think yoga mat + foil) to sleep on under my sleeping bag for my trip this weekend. = Now I have to work out and home and will be semi joining you in the struggle = I will attempt to eat a plural amount of vegetables and get into the grind!

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