Fitness Friday#22: Squat It Likes Its Hot

Oh hey there cuties! Can you believe it’s already July?? I mean what!!?? That’s so crazy! It’s also already the end of week 2 and that means it’s time to talk fitness!!

This week I majorly improved my diet. I did not have cheat meals like I did last week and kept my dinners lean and green! With the exception of some (amazing) nachos I made Monday night I didn’t stray once! My mom was even in the area two days this week so we went to lunch together and I had salads both days!

Working out felt really good this week and I got 4 out of 5 days this week in and hope to get in at least 2 this long weekend! Also, can we please talk about this heat?! I know it’s not even that bad but holy cow I just can’t hang! With the heat like this I am majorly struggling with my  running goal. I LOVE running outside but lately with this 100 degree weather it’s just not happening. And when I hit up the gym, the stair master is way more appealing! 

I’m really hoping to push myself to do some early morning runs this weekend and next week to get on track with my running goals. Also, it makes me realize just how amazing my body feels when I’m running consistently. 
In addition to my normal workouts I encorporated more toning exercises and my legs are killing me today! Sitting down, a seamlessly easy task is now the hardest! Lol. 

The “try to look like your not dying” face. 

*Fun fact: One way I added these toning moves was to do them while I cooked! I would do squats and lunges while cooking and let me tell you, you WILL feel it the next morning! I did this on the day I couldn’t get to the gym and still felt so sore the next day!*

In other news, to try and beat the heat Nick also treated me to a little after dinner treat last night with some frozen yogurt! Still a treat but I felt great about it! It was of course delicious but I also picked the smallest cup and was careful with what I picked! 

How are you guys doing this week?  I’m getting ready to head out of town for this beautiful long weekend and could not be more excited! I hope you all have a wonderful and safe 4th of July if your in the states! 


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