Things I’ve Realized Working At A Front Desk

I’ve worked at a front desk for 7 years. SEVEN YEARS. That’s crazy to me! My first job was leasing office space. I loved it! I worked there for 4.5 years and was able to move up and become operations manager. It was such a fun job and I got to meet so many different people and hear about so many different jobs.

My second job is the job I have now. I work for an HVAC company and pretty much do all things front desk. Answer phones, customer support, write orders, billing. You know, the norm! In my time doing these jobs I’ve learned some things…and they may not be the things you would think. Enjoy!

1. Your everyone’s sweetheart. I swear I get called more pet names at work then by my boyfriend. At first I thought it was an older guys thing, all the honey’s and sweeties I would get. But now I’ve realized it’s the young guys too. I’ve even been called babe. It doesn’t bug me at all but it does catch me off guard sometimes.

2.  I have become completely oblivious to when someone is hitting on me. Besides one other girl in my office I work with all guys. I get the “You look pretty today” or “Ohhhh you look nice, going out tonight?” on the occasion so sometimes when a customer starts laying it on I just think they are being nice. I didn’t realize this until the other day when a coworker came up to me and said “Ouch, I would hate to be that guy. He was totally hitting on you and you didn’t even give him the time of day” Whoops! Sorry dude!

3. Speaking of which, a Secretary fantasy is totally a real thing. I know that the reason your hitting on me is because I’m a girl being nice to you and giving you what you want. Most of the time doing this while in a dress and being super nice. Guys in my office have confirmed this. It’s like they walk in and the flirting switch just flicks on.

4. Sometimes when I’m focusing really hard on something I’ll get a coworker saying “Wow! Wake up! Are you bored?” and its totally opposite! I’m so busy! I guess I have to work on my “I’m really working hard here” face.

5. Now that I’ve been at my job for two and a half years I’ve started to get a bit more comfortable. The other day a customer asked to get transferred to one of my techs and I responded “Okie dokie just one moment!” Okie dokie?! I say that all the time but not at work…  

These are just a few of the more random things I’ve learned while working. I’m sure I could list off many many more! Let me know if you guys have any random things like this happen to you! Happy Wednesday!:)

7 thoughts on “Things I’ve Realized Working At A Front Desk

    1. Thanks!! It came a little to naturally! haha. Now I’ve been saying it in the office whenever because everyone loves it. lol. Just gotta role with it!


  1. Omg I totally relate to these… I am the global admin for my company and I get the most random requests from people. Never free coffee but lots of other random things that no one else would get lol – loved this 🙂

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