Fitness Friday #23: What Day Is It?!

Happy Friday everyone! I am totally a day off. Completely keep forgetting today is Friday and that means I can’t even believe it’s already time for Fitness Friday!

This week was…interesting.

First of all, besides some SUPER yummy pizza Wednesday night my nutrition was ON POINT. The pizza was also a thank you from one of my close friends because myself and another friend went over to help her with her wedding favors. Her wedding is this weekend and I am SO excited! So see, I DESERVED that pizza ;).

As for working out, I did OK. Not great and I definitely need to do better but it wasn’t awful. I got some workouts in but just had way to many excuses this week. I am determined to make this weekend count. That’s one thing going forward I really want to focus on, WEEKENDS! I do so well during the week and then get a little to young, wild and free on those weekends. Even with the wedding I plan on getting my workouts in and watching my diet!

I wanted to include a Tone It Up workout that you can do anywhere! It’s been saving my butt this week!!

On another note, in the weeks coming up I want to focus on stress. I’ve had a little too much lately and need to pay attention to the sleep I’m getting and the time I’m taking for myself.

How are you guys doing this week?? I sure am happy it was a short week!! Next week I have some exciting posts coming up as well as another blog swap! So stay tuned! 🙂



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