Hot Pick Of The Week! 

Lately I’ve been obsessed with favorites posts and videos. I love seeing what others are loving and what I may be missing out on! I also like putting together my own but sometimes waiting to do a monthly favorites post is just too long! So I thought I would start a little series called Hot Pick Of The Week!

I’m going to show two things I’m totally loving that week! This week I threw in an extra for the beauty lovers out there! 

1. Wedding!

Two of our close friends got married this weekend and it was absolutely beautiful. It also felt so weird that someone we actually know and is our age was getting married! It’s the second one this year and it’s just that season I guess! So happy for the cute couple:) 

2. You Deserve a Drink by Mamrie Hart

This book is hilarious. It’s stories from Mamrie’s life with a built in drinking game AND every chapter starts with a new drink recipe. I’ve never laughed out loud like I do with this book. 

3. Tati Westbook (Glamlife Guru) YouTube!

This girl knows her stuff and I’ve been obsessing with her videos lately! She does two videos I’ve been particularly ovsessed with and that’s her OMG and WTF videos! For OMG she tries out crazy new products that are on the market and tells you if there really worth it or not! (Which is always hilarious) and WTF is where she tries extremely expensive high end products and tells you if they are worth the splurge! Check her out!!

What are you loving this week?? Happy Monday!


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