Fitness Friday #24: Pity Party But Also Good Job? 

This week. How would I describe this week? It’s been a whole lot of blah and then some really awesome moments. I’m more than ready for it to be the weekend and to have no major responsibilities for a couple days. 

Before we get into it. I’m gonna be real. Last night I was EXHAUSTED. The kind of exhausted where I felt like I was in a haze. I came home and hung out with Nick and then proceeded to fall asleep on the couch sitting up at 8pm. Who does that?!? Luckily he woke me up so I didn’t have a hard time sleeping later. I also drank a beer and ate a couple bites of ice cream because well I wanted to and it was a hard week! 

Now let’s get on to why your really here!

This challenge is still going and to be honest. I’m not where I wanted to be. I’ve had stress and I’ve been busy and I’m letting that stuff get in the way. I really want to promise myself that this time next week I will be saying the opposite.

Now before I get competely dramatic my food was again on point this week (besides said ice cream and beer). I completely attribute this to food prepping. Now that food prep is just a habit it makes that part of everything so much easier. So on rough weeks like this that’s one thing that doesn’t change. 

With that said there may have also been a date night to Mongolian BBQ. I had never been there! We actually walked there and back and I love doing that! Makes having a cheat meal feel a little better! 

Also, come on. Who isn’t taking time to walk outside and play some Pokemon Go?!? It’s pretty much taking over the world right now so we better get on bored! I also got back into running this week which felt amazing! I’ve been slacking BIG TIME and it felt great to push myself again. 

I wanted to post another quick workout on here because I know since I’ve been in sort of a disarray lately these have been majorly helping me kick my butt and I can easily squeeze them in! I got this from a Youtuber/blogger I follow Lindsey Bell. Check her out if you haven’t yet! Link to her blog below as well:) 

She is also an NFL cheerleader and girl knows how to make you sweat! I challenge everyone reading to do this as least once each day this weekend!


I hope you’ve all had an amazing week and hope that if you find yourself struggling as well, look at what you did good this week and tell yourself you’ll do even better next week. No need to be harsh on yourself! Happy Friday!


9 thoughts on “Fitness Friday #24: Pity Party But Also Good Job? 

      1. How i found out we have Pokemon go in Argentina: my pastor ran outside of the church to catch one down the street and ran back inside to start the service lol.

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