My Weird Random Life 

Sometimes life is just straight up weird! Also, I start to wonder if others either think like me or have things happen like this to them as well. If not, I hope you get a laugh from my weirdness! 

1. Nick the other morning got up early and worked out while I laid fast asleep in bed. Upon arriving back in the room woke me up and gave me a kiss before hopping in the shower. So sweet right? Wrong. His beard/mustache served as a squeegee and his sweat poured into my mouth and on my face. I’m gonna leave you with that image…

2. Pinterest is almost too much of a good thing. You can search anything and you get so many ideas and inspirations but it’s almost too much! Where do you even start?? 

3. When random, weird things happen I write a quick note on my phone so I don’t forget to share it. This one simply said “Squeegee/ Sweat in my mouth!!” Recently a friend was trying to write in my notes and saw that and just turned the phone around in horror of what either horrific or kinky thing that could mean. Next time… write more context! 

4. Since it’s been so warm at work the guys in our shop have been using huge fans to cool down their warehouse since it doesn’t have air conditioning like the office. Keep in mind these fans are HUGE. The other day I go out into the shop to grab a return for a customer and in my rushing, walk right in front of the fan… in my dress! Up she went! I have never moved so fast to try and cover myself. Luckily, from what I could see no one saw. And if they did, I really hope they don’t tell me. Ignorance is bliss my friend!

5. My boyfriend and I have been together just over four years now and guess what I’ve never done in front of him? Fart. Yup that’s right. Keeping them in all these years!! (This isn’t totally true because he’s said sometimes I do this in my sleep; but I’m not coherent to realize, so it doesn’t count.) BUT in awake life I never had. Until yesterday. I didn’t even know what to do with myself! I honestly just lied and then started laughing manically. So needless to say, handled it very well…:)

Also, who did my little workout challenge from Friday’s post?? I did! And OMG my legs are killing me. Sitting/ standing up are the WORST! I hope some of you are in pain with me! 

Really, I have no words for this post. If your still reading then leave a comment with something weird/random that’s happened to you lately! 


11 thoughts on “My Weird Random Life 

  1. Fans are NOT your friends when you have a dress on! I didn’t have my contacts in, and I started a conversation with a guy who I thought was my neighbor. When I realized it wasn’t, I felt really awkward!

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  2. I’ve been married going on 117 years so the gas issues were settled long ago. But sweat? Oh. My. Gawd. I’d divorce him, then kill him, then throw water on him to wake him up so I could kill him all over again. I’m anti-sweat. I won’t even stay in the same room with myself if I sweat.

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