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MVMT Watches: Company Review

Happy Wednesday! This week has been something else! I have lots to share soon but until then I wanted to share a company I’ve been loving lately. I also want to mention this is not a sponsored post. 

MVMT watches have been getting more and more popular lately and with their cool crisp style I can see why! The minute I saw them I new I had to have one!

I originally snagged one for my boyfriend  and he loves it as well! After seeing how much he loved his, he surprised me (with my not so subtle hints) with one for Valentine’s Day! 

About a month after having my watch I noticed the time kept being off. No matter how many times I reset it or fixed it, I would look down later and it would be off. 

I emailed MVMT and within 5 minutes I had a response back from customer service with another way to reset it. I tried, but sadly it didn’t work! So I replied back letting them know, and again not even five minutes later I had another response saying to take a picture of it and email it and another would be on its way. 

They were extremely apologetic and so amazing about the whole process. Within three days I had my replacement. All I had to do was switch my bands over! 

Customer service like this amazed me. When you get down to it, things happen! Nick’s watch has worked amazing ever since he got it. And even though mine had a flaw they worked wonders at keeping me a happy customer and I would absolutely buy from them again and again. Customer service is what matters! 

I would love to hear if any of you have MVMT watches! Or what companies your loving lately! 


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