July Favorites! 

Happy Friday Loves! Some of you might have seen that I took a little break from the regularly scheduled Fitness Friday last week to have Brittany from Kingdom of Sequins on the blog for a collab. It felt good to do something a little different and this week I’m switching it up again! Fitness Friday will be back it just needs to refresh a little! 

I don’t usually do “favorites of the month” posts but there just seemed to be too many good things to not share with you guys! I’ve been keeping a list all month and am so happy to finally share!! Here’s what I’ve been loving 🙂 

1. Pool Floatie’s- If you don’t have one, get one! Step that pool game up! My next buy is a pizza float to lay on. Complete relaxation here I come!

2. Bracelets- I mentioned them briefly once before but Boho Betty bracelets are the cutest! I got mine in the mail this month and have been obsessed since! They have so many different gorgeous bracelets for different looks! If you haven’t checked them out yet they are worth a look! While there if you find something you like type in kaitlynfos8 at checkout for 20% off your order! 🙂

3. 4th of July weekend- Friends, family and the outdoors! Nothing better:) Also, all the drinks. As you can see from my pictures! 

4. The saying “Team work makes the dream work”. It’s freaking cute and corny but hello so true! 

5. Painting my nails- I bet most girls out there just went “well duh!” But I had taken a little hiatus from doing mine for a while and have been loving playing with some new fun polishes again!

6. Face masks- I’ve been trying out new clay mud masks and some sheet masks and am totally obsessed! I’m definitely riding that skin care train and if I can get a laugh by looking at myself while also taking care of my skin then I’m all for it!

7. Elite Deal Club- This is an awesome service where at certain times in the day you can go on and purchase items through Amazon prime and get them for discounted price! I’m talking I got a coffee body scrub for .5! For more information check out this post my friend Kylie put together from Wobble Bey Bee. She did an amazing job explaining it all! This is a MUST! I’ve gotten 4 items so far for under $3!

I want to hear below what you’re loving this month!:) 


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