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Well guys, I’m moving. It’s exciting, scary, fun, adventurous, terrifying, sad, stressful and so many more emotions that I can’t even put into words. Right now I’m typing this and I can count the people that know on one hand. I needed to let this word vomit out because I feel like I may explode. (Extremely dramatic but exactly how I feel.) 

First, we aren’t moving because we hate where we live or because we have to. We are choosing to move and choosing to put this on ourselves. Honestly, I love where we live right now. I’m within minutes of my best friend and a short drive to my family and Nick’s family. We have so much fun here and in the last two years I’ve made myself a home. Nick and I have constantly said “I cant believe this place is OURS” about our condo. Even beyond that, we both have jobs that do well for us. Nick works for his family (his dad has his own company) and I work for a family friend. Both are flexible giving us time off to travel (which you know I love) and we don’t come home every day hating our lives. With that said, they aren’t our dream jobs, not by a long.

So you are probably asking right now, “WHY IN THE HELL ARE YOU MOVING THEN???” and to that all I can say is…why not. Nick and I have talked for years about moving to different places, especially while we don’t have a family, are young and don’t have careers were committed to. Over the last year we’ve talked seriously about moving and thrown out several places we would like. It wasn’t until the last place was said that we finally decided we just had to go for it, we had found the place.

That place? Florida. Yup… We’re moving all the way from California to Florida. Crazy right?

We’re beyond excited. I’m also extremely emotional. That’s pretty typical though. I’m going to miss my family and friends. I know though that I can still come home and they can come visit 😉 but I know its not the same. One thing I know though is that its right. It’s right for us. We will always wonder what would have happened if we never did it. And again, why not? I have a job there and Nick is looking, we have a beautiful place (with lots of research done) and are ready (or at least as much as we can be) for this journey. 

I also know that this isn’t the craziest thing we could ever do. People move all the time and its fine. We know parts of it will be tough but we always know we can move back worst case if we just aren’t happy there. I don’t want to stay in the same place just because I’m scared to do anything else. It also makes me feel better that I do love my home. If I hated it, I would feel like I was maybe moving to get away from things. But that’s just not the case. I know I can always come back here but now its time for us to make our own way and adventure together.

So. That’s my word vomit. And if you got through all that, I applaud you. I honestly would love any input from you guys. Tips are so welcome if you’ve ever done a move like this OR if you live in Florida any tips you may have for me! My email is also on my contact page if you want to leave more than just a comment.

Get ready for some pretty awesome posts and some very crazy moving posts very, very soon.


37 thoughts on “Moving.

  1. I’m moving too (though not as far as you, by any measure) and I totally understand what you mean. You can be totally happy somewhere and still feel like you need a change. I hope it goes well!

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      1. Awww really?! You should move to Argentina then hahaha! But for real I wish you guys the best and can’t wait to see how it turns out! You will have a fabulous time. My blogging has been laaaazzyy lately but it’s so worth it following your dreams 🙂

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      2. Awe I love that!! Thank you so much!! And I can see why it would be. It’s been so hard to be consistent lately while also planning a big move!!


      3. Omg yay! I can’t wait to see all your posts about your jobs and lives and stuff. I will advise you one thing. Do not use a moving company. Sell all you can and move all you can in a van yourself. I got robbed and the driver demanded $1000 cash on arrival and the police had to come out and sadly it was legal.

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      4. OMG! That is horrible! I’m so sorry that happened:( Yeah we are selling pretty much all of our furniture and busying new there. Just makes more sense money wise and is easier!


  2. This is such a emotional and exciting time in your life right now, I cannot wait to hear about the new adventures in Florida. It seems as if you have a very positive, sober, and wise point-of-view of your new journey. I’m glad to hear that it is out of love and not hate that you are moving.
    My Best Wishes, Brianna

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  3. Ahhh!!! Super scary, spontaneous, but most importantly, EXCITING!! You guys will be just fine, you’ll learn so much & life will fall into place!! This IS the time to do the things you’ve always wanted to. Enjoy the journey, I cannot wait follow along!! ❤️❤️

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    1. Awe thank you so much Amanda!! We are so so so excited and with everyone’s positivity it took a bit of that nervousness away! I can’t wait to share what this move holds!! XOXO


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